Egg Mystery: Hollow Egg!

Happy 15th birthday Katie!!

As I promised last week, I shall delve into the additions to the Egg Mystery that has been going on for the past couple months.

Last Thursday, it was late in the afternoon when I finally checked my desk drawer again. Behold! A new white chicken egg! There was no stamp visible, but when I picked it up I noticed how light it was. It was empty! Taking a closer look revealed two tiny holes at either end. Someone had very carefully blown the yolk out of the shell. I smiled and set it down, but as I was about to put it back into the dark drawer, I decided to pick it up again and try to look inside the holes.

There was something inside!! I shook the egg and several tiny items were rattling inside, so I got out my scissors and carefully clipped away at the larger hole. What fell out were several pieces of tiny papers that must have been rolled up so tiny and tight as to fit inside the small opening. Here are the coded numbers:

 Since it was late, I taped up the picture (which was the Sonny Joon alien) and took all of these home. Together with my family we turned the numbers into letters and got a mix of words. We re-arranged them to read this: [The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Song #6 0:55-1:00]. I shall let you find out what is at that mark….it made me laugh.

Looks like several of you are a bit stumped on the puzzle, while the rest of you have solved it. Here is the correct cipher you need, I shall reveal the answer on Tuesday: [Bifid cipher].

~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “Egg Mystery: Hollow Egg!”

  1. ComicalCrafty says:

    This means that you should “roll up” to the 6th song on the Magical Mystery Tour album (that would be “I Am The Walrus”) and skip to 55 seconds into it and listen until 1 minute into the song.

    I’d just be forewarned, the song has some mild language in at least one part. But if you have access to the entire album, I’d highly recommend the songs “Fool on the Hill”, “Hello Goodbye” and “Your Mother Should Know”. 😀 I can’t wait to hear what you found in “I Am The Walrus”!

    PS. That’s really clever, hollowing out that egg. I wonder how they did it, and what happened to the yolk…? If you notice anyone coming with a delicious omelet to work, you probably have your culprit!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ha ha! i looked the song up. to funny! but i wont spoil the suprise… 🙂
    ~GJ fan
    p.s. thank you, egg bandit for making this blog that much more intreaging. (sorry, i dont know how to spell that)

  3. Wow, sounds like a lot of work to put those papers into an egg! I don’t think I’d have that patiance to try that. At least the egg culprit is still around, which gives you a chance to catch him of her.:) I still think its funny hot this all started with you just mentioning the thought of a Jackalope easter egg:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Little J. –

    You asked me if you could post my story on the testimonials page. That’s fine with me!


  5. Glad you got some more evidence in the case of the mysterious eggs! The Beatles though…pure genius on using “I Am the Walrus” to give you a coded message. Too funny!! 🙂

  6. Remy (Gambit) LaBou says:

    Cool! Another egg!!!!! Happy B-Day Katie! And question Lillte Jackolope: When I tryed to do the 2nd and 3rd text chalenges, I texted ‘Nancy’ like we were sopposed to, I got a message back saying that somthing was blocked, any ideas? I know they are already over, but i was hoping we could figure somthing out before the next one. Ideas from anyone are welcome!

    -Remy (Gambit) LaBou

  7. lol! That’s great!!! They’re taunting you now!!

  8. My birthdays today (July 24th). Shoutout please!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hmm,the Beatles. Do any of your coworkers like Sonny Joon like,alot??

    From me,

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