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Read a Book Day

Guess what? It’s Read a Book Day! So of course we are celebrating with a sale. What is your favorite Nancy Drew book(s)? We have a belated birthday to celebrate! Well done on the puzzle, sleuths! Here’s the answer: -Little Jackalope

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LJ is Back from Vacation!

Howdy all! I’m back from my honeymoon and vacation. Tess has done a terrific job keeping you in the loop while I was gone (thanks Tess!!) I thought to share some of my adventures that reminded me of Nancy Drew…. well, sort of. Here are some pictures! Mystery #1 – the water in Whistler, Canada […]

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Re-releasing Stay Tuned for Danger!

There was no blog post yesterday because I was working hard on making a new trailer for Stay Tuned for Danger. Why? Because of this: That’s right! We have written out a full work-around for how you can get this game to work on newer computers! STD (or STfD) was discontinued years ago since the […]

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Cleaning the Archive

We’re busy in the office this week, so I missed yesterday’s post. 🙁 Today I happened across some of my old notebooks from years ago! Perhaps some of you who were around for the release of Tomb of the Lost Queen might remember my Egyptian-themed doodling… Do any of you doodle or sketch in your […]

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Tuesday Candy

Hey all! I’m back I ended up being out of the office yesterday as well. I will be writing the blog this week, but I predict Indy will be back a few times this summer to write a few posts. 😉 Today’s Trivia Tuesday question is from The Deadly Device: Ryan is into sugary things, […]

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An Aura of Danger

Over the weekend we shared this meme of Nancy thinking sassily in response to what Abby says in Message in a Haunted Mansion. Do you remember this conversation in the game? It’s the first one you have with her, where she “senses” that Nancy is inquisitive and skeptical of ghosts. How could she know? Lucky […]

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Twitch Party: CUR Day 3

Tonight we pick up where we left off from Friday’s Twitch party! We will continue playing Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor and will be giving away 3 more KoKo Kringles. 😉 Since it is unlikely we will finish the game tonight, the stream will also continue tomorrow/Tuesday. If you missed the two streams last […]

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Fan Art and CNC Preview!

We released a new preview for our game app for kids 5 and up! Check it out! Also, we have some really talented fans: As for the weekend puzzle, here are the answers below. Once you figured out which image is from which Nancy Drew game, count the letters in the game title to find […]

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Silly Titles: SAW

Yesterday we shared this game cover art and alternative title to Shadow at the Water’s Edge: If the Yurei (ghost girl) could talk, what would she say? Here’s the solution to the weekend puzzle: -Little Jackalope

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Bad Game Titles: Part 1

We make fun of ourselves sometimes, it’s one of the ways we show that we like to have fun and not take things too seriously. Here’s one way: renaming a game title by something silly and relevant to the story. Behold: (Artwork and title originally from The Haunting of Castle Malloy.) Here’s the solution to […]

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