An Aura of Danger

Over the weekend we shared this meme of Nancy thinking sassily in response to what Abby says in Message in a Haunted Mansion. Do you remember this conversation in the game? It’s the first one you have with her, where she “senses” that Nancy is inquisitive and skeptical of ghosts. How could she know? Lucky guess? True psychic powers? Research? Or perhaps it’s just a tricky way to get Nancy to state her thoughts?


But the truth is – danger follows Nancy wherever she goes. No matter who is to blame. 😉

As for the weekend puzzle, the Morse code translates to [New intern in our office].

-Little Jackalope

2 responses to “An Aura of Danger”

  1. Meg says:

    Hi Little Jackelope!
    I just finished playing Codes and Clues, and was wondering if Her is planning to make a sequel of some sorts to it in the future?

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