March Madness Winner 2017

The results are in! The fans have voted! Scopa, from Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice is the best all-time puzzle/activity! Click here to see the top voted results.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games March Madness

In celebration, we have the digital download on sale for 50% off. You can shop here.

As for the weekend puzzle, here is the solution:

  1. Basement where Yanni is found
  2. Cellar at Frosty’s computer
  3. Library bookshelves
  4. Emily’s Vanity
  5. Women’s dressing room on the vanity
  6. In the desk next to Shorty
  7. Table in the speakeasy
  8. Museum by the door to the taffy
  9. Books at Nigel’s desk

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Puzzle answer

After you identify the game, use the numbers to count the letter in each title. You should get the words “Hot Kettle.” (Click and highlight the white space for spoilers.)

-Little Jackalope

5 responses to “March Madness Winner 2017”

  1. Happypuppyharley says:

    Go scopa! 🙂

  2. Liz Gottlieb says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if Cosmic Toast Studios is doing the design/animation/character design/background design for Midnight in Salem? Also, is Jared Nieuwenhuis the one who is largely responsible for the upkeep of the facebook page? Thanks.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Liz, Cosmic Toast has not worked on MID. Also, like I mentioned in another comment, there are three people involved with all of our social media sites, including myself. Why do you ask?

      • Liz Gottlieb says:

        Well whoever who was in charge of the Nancy Drew Games facebook page liked a post about a game called “Genital Jousting”. It’s kind of out of character for ND Games, and I wanted to know who that was. I didn’t think that was you. And I didn’t think that was Tess either. Maybe Jared?

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Ahh, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m unsure of who “liked” the video game video, but I have deleted it from our Facebook page.

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