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First Valentine Cards!

Hey all! (I was out yesterday.) Since we have launched the Valentine’s Day Card contest, we have received several entries so far! I can’t even keep up with them! And it’s no wonder…with three prizes available and a KOKO KRINGLE for each winner, it’s sure to be a tempting challenge. <3 Check out these cute […]

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Monday Mischeif

Can’t talk long, I gotta run.  I’m working on a video project, some web page stuffs, social media things and more. I snooped through audio archive files, found a secret recording from over a year ago, and dug up some old props. I’m up to mischief… here’s a picture I tried taking in my haste… […]

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Chocolate and Secrets

Hey sleuths! I just received some very important files. TOP SECRET. And so I’m diving into these today and tomorrow, pulling stuff out and preparing to show you what we are up to. The Here’s my mischievous task list: Labyrinth of Lies is looking real good! I was playing some of the puzzles today to […]

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Amateur Sleuth Mystery: CRE Easter Eggs

Instead of a weekend puzzle, I have a REAL Nancy Drew mystery for you to solve! It’s something I’m working on solving, too. For many years, I have seen discussions on the message board as well as seen emails come in that question about the Easter Eggs in The Creature of Kapu Cave. Now before […]

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Ghost of Thornton Hall for the iPad!

Hooray! Today is a historic day for Her Interactive! We have launched a full-length mystery onto the iPad! Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall used to be available exclusively for PC and Mac computers, but is now available in the iPad App store here. The Android and Kindle Fire versions will release later. I’m excited! […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

Check it out! Share the love this Valentine’s weekend by giving the gift of Nancy Drew! What better way to share the love than with a mystery? Nancy would approve. Shop here. Also, this Valentine’s Day card came in for Nancy: We have some fan art that came in! Check out Hailey’s collage she used […]

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The Artist is Coming

This looks like a cool picture! Let’s post this… My lips are sealed.No they’re not. I’m totally psyching out over this. SO EXCITED!~Little Jackalope~

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Computer Craziness

I can’t talk long, we are working on a few projects here and some involve large files, so if I have a few programs open and running these at the same time…it could freeze, or worse: crash. In a nutshell, we showed off The Silent Spy today to a visitor with a video camera, and […]

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Secret Game Meetings: The First of 2014

Today a few of us went into this conference room…  …to discuss something very important concerning the game we are currently working on. We pretty much brushed up on what the game is about, important elements, the characters and how they behave, the environments, themes, and a few puzzles. Why? Well… that’s kind of a […]

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The Middle of MED

We have been working on The Shattered Medallion for a while now. The artists have a big deadline this Friday, an animator is animating the Artist and the Production team has already assembled some puzzles. We are testing these puzzles now. In fact, as I type, this very moment some people are testing a second […]

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