National Video Games Day (And Weekend Puzzle #286)

ThisTSaturday is National VideoEGames day! We areTcelebrating with a sale on Shadow at the Water’s Edge (in case you haven’t played it,Tyou canVget it for half off!)IThis sale is only good on Saturday,ASeptember 12th. I will certainlyObe celebratingRthis day by playing someEvideo games. But which Nancy Drew gameLshall I replay…?


As for my silly secret project, another clue is here for you,Mas your weekend puzzle.

-Little Jackalope

6 responses to “National Video Games Day (And Weekend Puzzle #286)”

  1. Molly says:

    Hmm.. Tettviaorelm? Ohh.. I see what you did there LJ, We have to make a word out of the letters 😉

  2. Karesha2 says:

    Maybe you can play back ND#19 or #24

  3. Katie says:

    I have watched your new comparison video on YouTube that shows your current base versus the new Unity base and I have one word to describe my emotion. Ecstatic! I can only begin to imagine the larger environment, in depth sleuthing, and new character design! I know that the majority of people are angry and disappointed because the free roam makes them motion sick, and I can understand that, but people complained about the environments so much on your last few games that you guys are just granting their wish in the best possible way! I think free roam is the future of this game and I just thought I’d let you guys know, you have my full support.

  4. nina says:

    Time to Travel?

  5. foundation2430 says:

    Something to do with these letters. To busy to sit down and decipher. When I get a chance I will try.


  6. Nancy Drew 16 says:



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