Mother’s Day Generation Celebration

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Mother's Day Generation Celebration Weekend Sale

I am a third-generation Nancy Drew fan. My mom and grandmother gifted me my first set of Nancy Drew books when I was about 7 years old for that Christmas. My first Nancy Drew book that I chose to read was The Moonstone Castle Mystery, and that was the start of the many adventures to come. My mom continued gifting me more Nancy Drew books throughout birthdays, Christmases, and random sales and visits to bookshops over the years, and she helped purchase the first three Nancy Drew games when my sisters and I discovered them at a Game Stop retail store.

Many years later, as I continued to share my enthusiasm with my Grandma, and also sharing the games with my Grandpa, I had a proud moment of telling them one day (after I graduated college) that I got a job at HeR Interactive, helping to make the Nancy Drew games. Their influence and encouragement to me has drawn me closer to them.

One incredible day, my Grandparents came to visit me at HeR Interactive, and I had the honor of giving them a tour. This was icing on the cake for me. I was so filled with joy to be able to show them the world they had helped build me into, and I wish I could go back to that day and relive those wonderful moments. You could call it a lifelong achievement, to make your Grandparents beam with pride.

My Grandmother passed away two or three years ago, but I will always remember her kind and generous heart. She was incredibly hospitable and had a love for antiques – an interest I inherited. She traveled a great deal, and in hindsight, I see she had many of Nancy Drew’s qualities. (I got a little teary-eyed while writing this, I must admit.)

This Mother’s Day, I remember my late Grandmother Marilyn, and also my late Grandmother Nancy (who I never had the privilege to meet). Thinking of them and Nancy Drew inspires me into being a similar mom to my own kids. Perhaps my two baby boys will appreciate Nancy Drew, or at the very least, her adventurous spirit and knack for problem-solving someday.

What mother-like figure has shared Nancy Drew with you? Perhaps an older sister, mom, grandma, aunt?

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Have a great weekend, detectives!

-Little Jackalope (Calina Herman) Dreaming to be game designer.

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  1. What a wonderful story about your Grandma’s, I lost my grandma’s too, they’re names were Helen and Wanda, I loved them a lot and they were amazing, I don’t know if they read the Nancy Drew books or not, but I remember my Grandma Helen Mathews and my Grandpa (who I still have) gave me the book “Nancy Drew: The Secret of The Old Clock” for my 14th birthday just a year before I started playing the games and I was 9 when my Grandma Wanda Zimanskey past so I didn’t know about Nancy Drew then.

  2. And just like you never knew your Grandma Nancy, I never knew my other Grandpa, Mickey, he died a year before I was born and around the time of his funeral, my Mom found out that she was going to have me so I also think of myself as a memory of them and that he wanted my parents and my brothers to have little girl around after he passed.

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