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Merry Christmas 2013!

We have a lot to share with you today! First off, we will be out of the office these days: The winners of the cookie contest have been announced! Visit the Dare to Play blog here to see who won! (Thanks everyone for participating!) Today is the first day of snow for us here in […]

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Cookie Love in SPY

Looks like a few of you solved the puzzle! Congrats! The two clues provided (puzzle = keyword, and “no q”) refers to a Playfair Cipher. Using the letters given, it decodes to these words [Creating a Character on Monday]. I especially like one person’s theory on the message boards to what this means…he/she is spot […]

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Laptop Contest! (And Weekend Puzzle #221)

You guys!! Check it out! Awww yeah! This is one of the coolest prizes we have ever given away: a new Nancy Drew themed laptop that has every desktop Nancy Drew game pre-installed on it! (Except for the original Secrets Can Kill). And yes, this includes Stay Tuned for Danger and the two Dossier games […]

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Work in Progress

I suppose I shall share with you a little of what I’m working on today. Today I wear slippers around the office, eat cookies, interrogate people, play with green material and tape, watch videos, laugh at some some outtakes, hover over the artist’s shoulders, and snoop through the newest art files. I have gathered several […]

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Finding Hidden Compartments

Some of you have already noticed, but we posted a new video to our YouTube channel on Saturday! It’s the start of a new series where we share with you real-life tips and examples on how to be like Nancy Drew, or to put “Drew” as a verb, “How to Nancy Drew”. We already have […]

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Identify That Game!

Veterans Day! A big thank you to all who served! I thought I’d grab a screen shot to share with you to tease what I’m working on right now: Also, it looks like a bunch of you were able to find the secret message in the weekend puzzle! Congrats! Since there were only a few […]

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Outside of the Games

I love seeing game references in real life, such as nautical flags, antique clocks, identifying cloud names and so on. Experiencing game sequences is just as exciting, like trying gumbo, dressing up as Samantha Quick from VEN, or actually discovering a real-life secret compartment in a desk. I’m always looking for game elements out in […]

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The Last of the Physical Bonus Editions

We are really really close to running out of The Silent Spy physical Bonus Editions! And when I mean really close, I mean like tonight *might* be the last chance to pre-order that physical version. No worries, though. The Standard Edition (physical) and the Bonus Edition we still be available to pre-order. The SPYs  are […]

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Characters of The Silent Spy

Ta-da! The characters of The Silent Spy have been revealed today! Check them out here. Do you remember the 13th hint for 2013, “Fell”? It was the last name of one of these characters. Alec Fell to be exact! I rather like this character. <3 What do you think? Any early thoughts? Any ideas who […]

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On Your Marks!

There are so many ways fans of Nancy Drew games can get ready in their excitement for the next game. One thing that hard core fans do, is pay super close attention to detail when we post content and when we reveal new things about the next game. Then they discuss it on the Message […]

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