Growling Languages

Today’s ridiculous moment is from The Captive Curse. Was anyone else amused that you can change the language settings on the monster display between English and German? 😉


I will be out of the office on vacation the rest of this week, so no weekend puzzle. I shall see you on Monday!

Working on an unseen room in an old game…

Have a great weekend!


-Little Jackalope

7 responses to “Growling Languages”

  1. Kerri says:

    Could I get a birthday shout out for my sister?
    Her name is Krystal and she will be 16 on Oct. 5th! Her fave game is Creature of Kapu Cave!
    Thoroughly enjoy your blog, btw!!!

  2. Joseph says:

    Thanks Little Jackalope for the birthday shout-out! And for being so fun!

  3. Carlahna says:

    Why would you be “Working on an unseen room in an old game…”?
    Unless… we were going to be able to go there!? 🙂

    Will it be a part of Midnight in Salem somehow?

  4. Abby says:

    Hey Little Jackalope, I started writing a mystery! I posted the first chapter on my blog, If you wanna check it out, feel free! I hope you like it!!

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