First Valentine Cards!

Hey all! (I was out yesterday.) Since we have launched the Valentine’s Day Card contest, we have received several entries so far! I can’t even keep up with them! And it’s no wonder…with three prizes available and a KOKO KRINGLE for each winner, it’s sure to be a tempting challenge. <3

Check out these cute entries! (And if you haven’t entered your card yet, I can’t wait to see them!)


Andrea’s Entry


Melissa’s Entry


Sinderellasail’s Entry

…more to come…

-Little Jackalope

15 responses to “First Valentine Cards!”

  1. SpyGirl says:

    These are great enteries! Well done! 😀
    I emailed my first entry yesterday and my second one today…I hope the emails went through alright.

  2. Jswizzle12 says:

    Hey LJ, can you give a birthday shoutout tomorrow to Ben turning 14 and to Sky turning 17? Their birthdays are on the 6th so tomorrow.

  3. Nancy fan says:

    nevermind me entering. i mean, well, i already did, but i draw like a two-year-old. so, i hope everyone is having a great time. – Nancy fan

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Nancy fan! Have you considered scrapbook-style Valentine cards? You don’t necessarily need to draw. 🙂

  4. Nancy fan says:

    anyways, can the next contest PLEASE not be drawing? thanks. – Nancy

  5. Nancy fan says:

    just submitted a new one…. yay!

  6. nd#1 says:

    i emailed one but i dont see it posted. i did it two days ago. but i didnt see it on fb:(

  7. nd#1 says:

    oh…. 🙁 are they still going to be in the contest?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi again nd#1, all entries are being accepted, even if we can’t post all all of the email entries ourselves to Facebook. 🙂

  8. nd#1 says:

    i understand if you cant get them in:) after all your a very popular company, for what you do!! keep it up!!<3

  9. nd#1 says:

    Ok!!! Thanks for dealing with me!!! some of my friends tell me im hard to deal with lol. I admire how polite you stay!!!! You remind me of Nancy<3

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