Little Things + Little Secrets

When I showed up to my cubicle this morning I found this:

Bunny-shaped marshmallows from Phoenix! I was so happy… :’) As much as I wanted to keep them alive, they couldn’t survive me. Yeah, I ate them.

I have a few secrets that I cannot really elaborate on and share with you yet…but here are some hints:
– Future Phoenix video: Some fun in the sun
– Next game cover art
– Next game hidden merchandise
– And a hint to the next game in tomorrow’s weekend puzzle

For now, I can only share with you these tidbits:
– We have our second Moderator Interview live on our Message Boards! Please welcome our superstar catsandbooks and check out what she has to say here!
– Also, we have another employee interview with our fantastic Administrative Assistant, CJ! If you have ever called our main number, it’s likely Cj that you have talked to. What gadget do you suppose she would invent for Nancy Drew if she could? Check out her interview on the Dare to Play blog here!

Today is the last day to play and finish the Nancy Drew TXT CHALLENGE #3! Get your phones out and prove to us that you really know our game characters. 😉 The grand prize is amazing, in my opinion.
~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “Little Things + Little Secrets”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Little Jackalope,

    I was wondering when the txt challenge winner would be announced. Also, do you guys just say the person’s phone # or do you get their name?

    From A Curious Contestant

  2. Hannah says:

    ‘Fun in the sun…” I can’t wait to see what that is! OOOH we get to see the next game cover!! I’m thrilled!!

    Aww Phoenix left you wee lil’ bunny marshmellows?! I like that girl a lot. 😉

    -Drew Detective (Hannah)

  3. Aw, how nice of Phoenix! 🙂
    AWESOME! I’m so excited!!! 😀 😀
    YAY! I love CJ, she’s so awesome, I’ve emailed her many times:) I’m heading over there right now:)

  4. @Curious Contestant — We have selected the winner, but all the info we have is just their phone number. When we get in contact with them we will get their name and then announce it.

    @Drew Detective (Hannah)– I like Phoenix, too. She brings me marshmallows, so I’m pretty happy. XD

  5. Anonymous says:

    that is such a cool drawing! i love phinixes 🙂

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