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There is a lot going on this week at Her Interactive! We just finished the Caption Contest on Facebook (congrats to our winner, Avery!), and we are getting the product page ready for The Shattered Medallion. There is a lot to do! Also, just a head’s up: we will be working on the Message Boards […]

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Sonny Appearances in March

What did you think of the cover art we released last Friday? Yes we have been teasing Sonny Joon for a while now, and to clarify, yes it is Sonny on the cover art. I personally am really excited because Sonny, to me, turned out better than I imagined. Our style of the cover art […]

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Weekend Puzzle #224

First things first: just giving you all a head’s up about our message boards this weekend. Some minor maintenance will be happening on the boards for a bit, so the forums will be temporarily down. You won’t see any changes at your end after the work is done, so no worries! How’s the start of […]

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Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

Today is the big day!! Nancy Drew’s 29th mystery is now officially released! You can find The Silent Spy in all major retail stores, and of course, our web site. However, our web site is the only place you will receive a free digital strategy guide when you order the game. So who’s going to […]

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Be Careful Who You Trust!

Sounds like several of you have already received and played The Silent Spy! If you’d like to share your thoughts (we will be sure to read them) post them to the message boards! Also, if you are still in the middle of solving the mystery, don’t forget about the strategy guide that was included in […]

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Download The Silent Spy!

Today’s the day! If you pre-ordered the digital Bonus Edition of The Silent Spy, you may have received your email allowing you to download already. If you pre-ordered the physical version, just know that all orders have been processed, and the game should be on its way to your home right now! Once you finish […]

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Costume Inspirations and Sold Out BONUS EDITIONS!

Aaaaaaand here’s the big news for today: Yep. We have now sold out of the BONUS EDITION physical copies for The Silent Spy. Also, many of you have received emails about your pre-order status. If you are confused what this means, please read this note from our Administrator on the Message Boards. Check these out! […]

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Nancy and SPY

I’m excited to hear that everyone is loving the newly-released cover art for The Silent Spy! I’m also aware that many of you are hesitant with how we are handling the story about Nancy’s mom. This is understandable, since it’s on a more personal level to all of us. I will leave it up to […]

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Day Two of GTH Pre-Orders

Hooray! It’s day two of pre-orders for Ghost of Thornton Hall! There was too much excitement yesterday in the office to express everything that happened, so today I’ll share this with you: yesterday we received our print proofs for the boxed game art! Check it out! We posted it on the wall for the entire […]

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Download The Deadly Device!

I suppose I have been talking about The Deadly Device a lot, huh? Well, why not? I’m just so excited for everyone to play it! And today, everyone who pre-ordered the digital download will get to download today! Whoo-hoo! The wait is over! Ok, enough exclamation marks…too much excitement….But it’s finally a “who-done-it” mystery! Ok, […]

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