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Videos, Snooping, and Interviews, Oh My!

We have several announcements today, and if you subscribed to our Newsletter, you might have already learned about all that is going on. (To view our latest newsletter, Click Here). I’m just going to catch you all up to speed on everything below: 1. Tomorrow (Friday July 27) is the last day to submit your […]

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The Message Board

First things first: Happy 12th Birthday Joshua!! Hope you have a great one! (This is a lightning bolt, Tesla-themed cupcake).  I haven’t really spoken much about the message board lately, and I figured now is a grand time to do so! For our third summer week in a row, we have posted a new interview […]

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Little Things + Little Secrets

When I showed up to my cubicle this morning I found this:   Bunny-shaped marshmallows from Phoenix! I was so happy… :’) As much as I wanted to keep them alive, they couldn’t survive me. Yeah, I ate them. I have a few secrets that I cannot really elaborate on and share with you yet…but […]

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A Weekend of Big Fun!

Ok, so perhaps that title isn’t very creative, but it hits my point on the bull’s eye! This weekend we have a lot of exciting things going on, it’s a wonder that I didn’t burst and tell you earlier. But now I can! Let me list them off like a checklist so I don’t forget […]

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The Snack Cupboard: It’s Locked!

*Site Update*: The Message Boards will be down tonight for regular server maintenance between 12:00AM and 3:00AM PST. Nothing about the message boards will be changing, so no worries. The updates are mostly for in our office, you won’t notice anything afterwards. Today is one of those days of the week where a person runs […]

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