Sonny Appearances in March

What did you think of the cover art we released last Friday? Yes we have been teasing Sonny Joon for a while now, and to clarify, yes it is Sonny on the cover art. I personally am really excited because Sonny, to me, turned out better than I imagined.

Our style of the cover art and box layout design is our signature look nowadays: small details hidden around the illustration show minor (or “secondary”) important features of the game that surround the center-most important element. There is a picture of George in the top left corner, hanging onto a bridge. To the right is an underwater submerge-able with a character inside, and many competitors are shown at the base. Have you noticed the circle of logos on the ground?

Sonny Joon is centered on the illustration over the shattered medallion pieces because he is the most important part, along with of course, that medallion.

So what do you suppose Sonny is up to in this next game? Why have we made him the center of the art? What is he thinking? More info will come in the near future, and more questions may arise later when the trailer is released.

For now, save this cover art onto your desktop and remember when pre-orders begin! Also, we have made Sonny Joon’s concept illustration available in the merchandise store. Who wants a Sonny t-shirt? I DO!!! I will soon begin working on the cover art design for the store, so keep coming back to learn when that becomes available. 😉

A few minor announcements for you:
1. Nancy Drew madness is becoming even more exciting! SHA barely beat our SAW today on Facebook. (Please do not enter multiple times via comments, this is cheating and is unfair to the competition. If we see that you are breaking this rule, we will further exclude your votes. Today I subtracted a few votes whose members posted several times. Please follow the rules. I’d very much appreciate it, thanks!)

2. The message boards will be down between this Wednesday, March 26th to Monday, March 31st for maintenance. We appreciate your patience while we work on the forums!

Lastly, we have a birthday to celebrate!

~Little Jackalope~

10 responses to “Sonny Appearances in March”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, LJ! I posted Nancy Drew, her friends, and Sonny Joon as ponies on deviantArt. Why don’t you go check it out? I’d very much appreciate it.

  2. I think Sonny might be in charge of the competition somehow. Like maybe the host or something. He found out that Nancy will be participating in the competition, and decided to take up the opportunity into seeing if Nancy is as good as a sleuth as she really is. That’s just my thoughts though, can’t really wait until I actually get my hands on this game. I will actually be graduating my 3rd year of college so that will be a lovely present. Oh how much I love you guys!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like collage covers – you really get a piece of the game in each corner. It also makes them resemble movie posters, which is obviously cool.
    Can’t wait for the soundtrack and *drum roll* the official trailer.
    On a different note: Am I the only one, or would others out there also like to see this kind of Nancy Drew movie be made:
    *the setting is 1950s, with Nancy looking like she does on revised book covers.
    *the plot vibarant and adventureous
    *someone who looks and can act like Nancy to play the role.
    *and lastly, it’d be really cool for it to win an Academy Award, don’t you think?
    I may be really off with everyone else’s opinion, but that’s what I think an ND movie should be like.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what to think of Sonny. I am extremely excited, of course, but I guess I never wanted the mystery to die. When did you first decide to put him a the game like this? And will he get a big part, like can Nancy talk to him, etc.?

    From me,

  5. Arianna12 says:

    I hope you know it’s actually a “submersible” and a submerge-able isn’t a real word.

  6. ND's #1 fan says:

    @Anonymous- Oh, yeah! I’d sooo love a movie like that! 😀 However, I also really do love the one they did in 2007.. the ND costume HeR gave out for the DED preorder contest? It was from that movie 😉 I would love both though! (^_^)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Am I allowed to scream? Sonny Joon! Can’t wait to finally see who this guy really is (love the design!).

  8. @Arianna12 — But I like creating new words! XD

  9. Sonny Joon looks like a fun guy. I’d love to meet him!

  10. Hailey and Morgan love Sonny Joon!

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