Download The Silent Spy!

Today’s the day! If you pre-ordered the digital Bonus Edition of The Silent Spy, you may have received your email allowing you to download already. If you pre-ordered the physical version, just know that all orders have been processed, and the game should be on its way to your home right now!

Once you finish playing the game, share with us your thoughts and opinions by posting to the Message Boards! (If the strategy guide does not help, then the Message Boards are a great place to seek assistance.)

Now get back to your spy work! (~.^)

~Little Jackalope~


5 responses to “Download The Silent Spy!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry I had to! You guy’s rock!


  2. Anonymous says:

    hey little jackalope can you enter more than one pumpkin for the nancy drew pumpkin carving bcontest

  3. Good News: I’m ecstatic–I received my game in the mail today! (^.^)
    Bad News: Nancy’s crying because I have to put schoolwork before sleuthing. (>_<)

    Still, I’m bursting with happiness that my game arrived safe and sound. I look forward to solving this latest mystery, which I’m sure will become a favorite on my shelf. I would like to thank everyone at Her Interactive for creating yet another wonderful game to keep us Amateur Sleuths keen!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t finished yet but the characters look better in the game than in their pictures and I’ve realized I like ewan and alec ^.^ they way they talk (not their accents but the things the say and their tone) they seem like they’re having a lot of fun.


  5. @Anonymous — You may certainly enter more than one pumpkin into the contest! Enter as many as you’d like! Go nuts!! XD

    @Norwegian Dancer — You are a responsible detective! Good for you, I’m proud. 🙂 Waiting for SPY a little longer may make it all the more enjoyable when you get to play it. 😉

    @katedrewisalive — Why thanks for sharing! I’m glad you like the characters even more!

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