Eve of GTH’s Trailer

Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy! The trailer will be launched tomorrow!! Also pre-orders will begin. I noticed that a few of you were concerned about the trailer launch being on the same day as pre-orders. No worries! If you are still hesitant about pre-ordering the game, you can watch the trailer tomorrow, or the next day or the next, or anytime once it’s launched….and then spend a full month deciding if you want to pre-order Ghost of Thornton Hall. The pre-orders only begin tomorrow, but it lasts until May 13th — this means you do not need to pre-order right away. (But the number of physical copies are indeed limited, so if you plan on getting the hard copy, the sooner you order… the better!)

Tomorrow I’ll give you the entire low-down on all the information about pre-ordering, so come back to learn more! Also, if you have any urgent questions concerning pre-ordering, you can contact us at customerservice@herinteractive.com or techsupport@herinteractive.com.

As for the weekend puzzle, there was indeed a typo on my part, it appears there was an extra “n” and extra “t”. Here’s how you find it: highlight the entire blog post with your mouse (if you are on a computer) and find all the invisible characters and letters. (If you are viewing by phone, simply read the light pink letters and characters).

You should get this: [“Ghosts don’t have to be real to haunt you” – Rentaro]. Who made a very good point. What did I mean by this, you may think? Well…are the ghosts only in your mind….or are they “real”? That is for you to solve in Ghost of Thornton Hall. That and, uh, *cough* find Jessalyn *cough*. That’s important, too. XD

We have birthdays this weekend! Lots of birthdays! Hooray!

~Little Jackalope~

14 responses to “Eve of GTH’s Trailer”

  1. I can’t believe pre-orders are here!! 😀 It seemed so fast…and slow at the same time 😉
    Also thanks for telling us when to expect the trailer launch and when pre-orders start! I like knowing, it saves so much time. Otherwise I’d be on the sites all day refreshing the pages. I hate that pre-orders start on a weekday, it’s SO hard to concentrate on school!
    I’m ordering the second it turns 2PM here!! If I can remember my password… Hmm, that could be useful huh? >.< Me and passwords don’t mix.

    Happy birthday Karen, @Nancy_DrewQoute and Stefanie!!:D Hope they where awesome!

    Speaking of birthdays… I got a favor to ask of you, I’d like a shout out to my going to be 12 year old sister, Daniella(April 23rd) and my best friend who is turning 14 on April 24th. (Rachel) 🙂 if it’s not any trouble.

  2. ND's #1 fan says:

    OMG so exited!!! The second I’m done w/ school I’m on HerInteractive.com and watching the trailer! But I don’t think I can preorder… 🙁
    -Nancy Drew’s #1 fan

  3. ND's #1 fan says:

    Oops forgot to ask, LJ, when’s your next v-blog????? (o_O) You should do a vid on the characters for GTH like you did for DED! I <3 it and watch it over and over! (I’m a bit nerdy……..) 😉
    -Nancy Drew’s #1 fan

  4. Ginger May says:

    Can’t wait to see it! My birthday is this weekend, on April 13th. (My name is Virginia). Could you give me a shout out please?

  5. Breanna(; says:

    I’m pre ordering today and i can’t wait to see the trailer!!! Even my mom is excited about this one:D

  6. Shannon says:

    What time does the trailer start???

  7. So at this point, we can kinda sorta tell that Nancy might not be the only one that THINKS the ghost could be real. My guess is that Charlottes sister Harper, might also thinks she’s real, considering the description box under her character profile. Thanks LJ! And yay, preorders are today! I’m gonna order mine as we speak! Can’t wait for the trailer either! xx

  8. Anonymous says:

    hiya! its the 9th right now, but i’m in florida, so i have to wait until 3:00 before it’s officialy launched! DX so annoying… can’t wait!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just seen the trailer skadgcasd asdhnkasfgkjaSHDJXnzF KAWEURHSADKHFGEAUYRGIHKNhbadfsgf sdfakur = words cannot describe how excited I’m feeling right now :DDDDDD

    btw is it me or does Charlotte’s ghost from the trailer resemble Jessalyn in a way? It’s wither genetics (they WERE or are related) or Jessalyn is behind the hauntings and maybe her disappearance?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Also, s the actor playing Colton the same as the one who played Shorty and the one playing Harper the one who played Prof. Hotchkiss?

  11. Breanna(; says:

    Oh my goodness i love love love the trailer you guys did a wonderful job!!!!!!

  12. EloiseDrew says:

    Little Jackalope, I have a question. How much money is it to pre-order GTH and do you think it is worth pre-ordering? Thanks!

  13. Katie says:

    WOW I am soooo excited!! I feel so bad that I never got to thanking you from March 14th, telling me happy birthday! Time certaintly flew by, and whenever I checked the blog, I checked it on my iPod.(Which doesn’t let me post.) So Thank you for the shout out, it meant a lot. Back to the excitement part, I just pre-ordered my copy and watched the trailer. The trailer is the best ever! I can’t wait to play the game!! If I remember right, you guys are going to send it out around May 7th, right? YAY

  14. Rachel Stevens says:

    Brilliant trailer!

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