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Fan Art: Sketches

Check this out! A fan on Twitter, Vanessa D. shared with us her amazing drawing of Ryan Kilpatrick from Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device. What do you think? I’m inspired. I want to get out my own pencils and start sketching again… because this is so great! If you have any fan art you would […]

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Trailer Things and Fan Memes

Today we finished up a good draft of the trailer for Sea of Darkness. It still needs to some adjustments to properly balance the music and character’s dialogue and extra sound effects played. Anyways, we have been really busy getting ready for pre-orders NEXT WEEK! AHHH!! For a nice distraction, a fan, , sent in […]

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SPY Art and Weekend Puzzle #268

Aaaaaand… Yumi pulls ahead to claim the first position in round #1 of the Nancy Drew March Madness! I’m personally a little upset, because I really like George Fayne better, haha. But the fans have spoken! (It is after all, just for fun, anyways.) Today you vote for Rentaro or Gray on our Facebook page. […]

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Clues, Koko Kringles, Fans, and Weekend Puzzle #267

Hooray for Fridays! Tomorrow is the last day to order games and receive a Koko Kringle (and yes, we still have some!). You can learn more details here. We also received this picture of Joanna M’s Nancy Drew collage. Pretty cool, so I had to share this with you! Clue #2: the hat is K. […]

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Spring Jackalope Eggs

So this happened at my desk yesterday… The mystery of the egg culprits is back on. Unfortunately this giant egg that showed up has a matte texture, and is not glossy or smooth enough to capture decent fingerprints. I guess I will have to figure out a way to find out who the culprit is. […]

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Fan Sketches

Some fans sent in some sketches! Check these out!   I love to sketch, too. It is really good practice if you want to become an artist someday. Pretty much all of our 2D and 3D artists and animators can sketch REALLY well, because they’ve had plenty of projects to work on and years of […]

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First Valentine Cards!

Hey all! (I was out yesterday.) Since we have launched the Valentine’s Day Card contest, we have received several entries so far! I can’t even keep up with them! And it’s no wonder…with three prizes available and a KOKO KRINGLE for each winner, it’s sure to be a tempting challenge. <3 Check out these cute […]

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Nancy Brands & Slogans

Sometimes our artists have fun. In Nancy Drew’s world, there are a lot of fictional products that we must create to fill it. Fake brand names like Ulmers Glue or Sopressa Chocolates or Ev-R-Lit flashlights or Ding Bats Cereal can be found in various place in the games. One of the most popular brand items […]

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“We Can Do it!”

Today I drew a pretty picture of Nancy Drew. What’dya think? It’s supposed to look like the famous Rosie the Riveter poster… As for the weekend puzzle, it was semaphore flag code. Once you translate the flags, you get [A foreign shore]. This is a clue to Sea of Darkness. 😉 We have some birthdays […]

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Texture Teases for SEA

I’ve been snooping around the latest game builds, audio files, and art textures in Sea of Darkness. We posted this to the home page, teasing the the game release date: This is an actual barrel texture from the ship you see in the teaser trailer for the game. There are actually 6 different barrel textures […]

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