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Fan Art and Fan Appreciation

We received some awesome fan art from Emma R. today, who drew the cover art of Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy: Also, I LOVE seeing fans enjoy the Twitch streams. Everyone gets to see me and Tess, but we don’t always get to see you’re lovely faces! This is why I get excited. 🙂 Keep […]

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Amateur Sleuths, Trivia, and Nancy Illustration

Remember in the first day Stay Tuned for Danger Twitch party how I was wearing a Master Sleuth magnifying glass T-shirt? Well, I realized these weren’t available for purchase, so we uploaded these to Amazon for you. 🙂 You can find all of our Nancy Drew T-shirts here fore sale! Oh! And do you have […]

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Nancy Drew Lamp

In one corner of my office is a filing cabinet. How dreary! I placed the Charlotte doll there on top of it, but it was still not enough to fill the space. So this last weekend I bought a simple lamp with a simple shade for a fun project. I printed out some favorite Nancy […]

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Fan Art and CNC Preview!

We released a new preview for our game app for kids 5 and up! Check it out! Also, we have some really talented fans: As for the weekend puzzle, here are the answers below. Once you figured out which image is from which Nancy Drew game, count the letters in the game title to find […]

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Nancy Drew’s 86th Anniversary!

Hooray! Eighteen-year-old Nancy has turned 86! On this day in 1930, the first Nancy Drew book was released, The Secret of the Old Clock. The next couple of days was the release of the second and third book. Today we celebrate with solving mysteries AS Nancy Drew. If you are missing one of the Nancy […]

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Coloring & Creative Sentences

A fan shared with us a link on Twitter to a printable document of blown-up line art from the classic Nancy Drew books. You can print these out and color them! Click here to see the document. Today we posted another caption contest on Facebook! You only have one day to participate for a chance […]

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Fan Art, Stationery, and Tshirts

Hey all! In the video I made last week, I was using Nancy Drew’s letter stationery. If you want to print out your own letter paper and trim the edges yourself, you may! Click here for the full color version, or click here for the light version that takes up less ink and doesn’t color […]

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T-Shirts and Trivia

More t-shirt entries have been coming in! We posted many on our contest page, but many are posted on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest via the hashtag #NancyDrewFashion. That’s how you can look them up. (If you sent in an entry via email, don’t worry if you don’t see it posted right away. We are […]

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Summer Art and T-shirts

With the t-shirt contest happening now, and summer is here, our fans have had time to work on some awesome artwork! Check out some of the t-shirts we are showing off on the contest page: Also, fan Kristen was inspired by our character avatars to design herself and her boyfriend. What do you think? Do they look […]

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Articles and Fan Art

Another great article was written about Nancy Drew! I couldn’t have said any of this better, check it out here! Also, we received an awesome piece of fan art by Rachel! So cool and classic! By the way, have you started your t-shirt design to enter into the contest? -Little Jackalope

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