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Oscar Nominations: Nancy Drew Style

If you follow the news here in America, one of the big stories today is the announced Oscar nominations. These are for movies, of course, but it got me thinking “What if the Nancy Drew games had their own awards?” So I’ve made this list (with the Oscar equivalent in parenthesis) to fill out. Supporting […]

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Office Planning

It’s still pretty early in the new year, and we have spent these first two weeks getting re-organized and making plans for the coming months. While we are still working on MID and Codes and Clues, we have some other things planned. Next month we have a few exciting things… because… well, Valentine’s day and […]

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Telegrams From Nancy

Do you remember the answer to this Trivia Tuesday question? I remember first playing Secret of the Old Clock and I kept delivering telegrams because it never ended. I thought to myself “how long does this chore go on for?” before realizing I only needed to deliver enough to earn the amount of money I […]

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Those Crazy Chores

What is the most silliest, bizarre, random, odd chore or task you’ve had to complete as Nancy? Was it playing games with monkeys to get what you needed? Vacuuming up prairie dogs? Collecting mushrooms from a graveyard? Doing someone’s DNA homework? Winning the highest score on the nearby arcade game? Or perhaps something like this […]

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Nancy Drew Convention 2016 (And Weekend Puzzle #295)

Did you know that there’s a Nancy Drew convention each year? It happens in different places around the United States and is themed around the classic Nancy Drew books! Last year we attended for the first time in Iowa, if you remember that. This year, it will be in New Orleans, featuring a few ND […]

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“Yum!” Plastic Fish

As a small kid, I remember going to classic game arcades. You know, the ones with pinball, air hockey, basketball hoops, and small yellow circle guys moving around, eating dots and avoiding colorful ghosts? Yep, those kinds of arcades are hard to find today. When my sisters and I went to our favorite arcade as […]

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Holiday Cookie Winners!

Our office reviewed and voted on the cookie entries… congrats to our winners! Since it was really hard to choose only three, we wanted to share with you some honorable mentions and added those to the contest page here. Random: It was a nice, misty day at the office. So pretty! -Little Jackalope

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Ending & Starting the Year with Nancy

A few fans have been sharing pictures of their computers with Nancy Drew games. Some fans played at the end of 2015, and a few are starting the 2016 year with Nancy Drew! Here are a few pictures snapped: Over Christmas break I was playing The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, because I really want […]

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French Location, English Food

Welcome to 2016, sleuths! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve! We are back in the office from our vacation, ready to work on and talk more about about Nancy Drew. I want to share some great fan photos we received: This is is of Ashley W. who took a picture […]

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