Testing CNC Beta

“CNC” is the abbreviation we are using in our office for Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues, which is the latest game we are working on for phones and tablets. Today I got to play through the entire first beta build and see all the levels — so cool! Here’s the main screen that opens up when I turn it on.


“Beta” means it’s a structurally complete game build, but there are still tons of bug issues and art that needs fixed or updated. So far, much of Geroge’s voice isn’t in the game, and there are some stars missing from some levels. Some art still has hand sketches as placeholders while we wait on the art team to finish the illustrations. With all this in mind, it’s coming along great! I really enjoy it, even if I’m not the age range designed for this app. 🙂

Friendly reminder to participate in the Nancy Drew Moments Contest!


-Little Jackalope

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