A Weekend of Big Fun!

Ok, so perhaps that title isn’t very creative, but it hits my point on the bull’s eye! This weekend we have a lot of exciting things going on, it’s a wonder that I didn’t burst and tell you earlier. But now I can! Let me list them off like a checklist so I don’t forget anything…

  • First off,
~Happy Birthday GJ fan!!~
(Hope you have a great one!)


  • On the message boards, we are interviewing our fantastic moderators! Beginning with callas, we will interview a moderator each week until the end of summer. We wanted to give our hard workers a little spotlight time for all of the hard work they do, they keep our forums running smooth, clean, safe and enjoyable for everyone. Check out her interview here!
  • Are you like me, in that you have several sheets of paper scattered all over with your Nancy Drew game notes? We have a solution for this issue: an official Nancy Drew game journal (the one from the collector’s tin set) is now available in our merchandise store! The original price for this item is $14.99, but we are currently offer it at $9.99. Head over and order your own!
  • What do you like about Nancy Drew games? We wanted to hear from you, and now’s your chance to share with us why you like them in a Video Testimonial Contest! Upload a video (1 minute or less) to YouTube and email us the web link to solved@herinteractive.com with the subject line “Video Testimonial” for a chance to win some prizes! Head over to our web page for more details and complete rules.
  • And I’m super excited to present my favorite contest: the Nancy Drew TXT CHALLENGE #3! This time it’s trivia! How well do you know our characters and historical figures? Text “Nancy” to 82257 to start playing, the first 200 players to get halfway will get a code for 50% a game. Everyone who gets 60 or more points overall will be entered into the grand prize drawing. Click here for more details!

Last but not least, since today was a busy week for me, our intern, Phoenix, has provided you with a fun weekend puzzle. (Thanks Phoenix!) Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!
~Little Jackalope~

14 responses to “A Weekend of Big Fun!”

  1. Hannah says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of contests going on all at once! I must say I was thrilled to find you’re now selling the purple nd journal seperately without the tin you had availible before.

    You’re interviewing the message board mods!! Oh I can’t wait to see them! They really don’t get enough appreciation if you ask me, and like you said totally deserve the spotlight!

    -Drew Detective (Hannah)

  2. Ah! I’m so excited!!! What a great weekend this will be!! Question, what about us that don’t have YouTube accounts? Try not to upload too much more exciting stuff until Friday afternoon next week, I’m going to camp starting Monday and this camp doesn’t allow electronics.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want one so bad!! (what’s the payment types??)

    From me,

  4. Teagpow says:

    Thats so cool the New journal book can not wait to get it!

  5. Teagpow says:

    For the winner of the text challenge will you be shouting out who won?


  6. Anonymous says:

    thank you !!!!!!!!!
    also: neat with the notebooks! i so want one!!

    ~GJ fan

  7. Ok, I have been having this question in my mind forever (please answer it). First of all: I made an account on your message boards, and it keeps saying I don’t have permission to access ANYTHING!! I can’t reply or or post or anything!!! Please tell me what I should do????
    -And secondly: I entered the text contest but I don’t have a phone, so I did it on my Dad’s phone but he will be at work. Should I tell you my mom’s number and full name , (in email) so you can text on her number?? And which email should I contact you at (have 3 different emails)???
    -Your Very Questionable Fan Krazyrabbit23

  8. PLZ REPLY TO MY ABOVE POST!!! I am in need of desperate answers desperately quickly!!!! (Wails and sobs at the same time!!)

  9. @Future HeR Animator — Wow, cool! Have fun at camp!! Sorry, in order to participate in the video contest, you have to have a YouTube account. 🙁

    @Teagpow — I will be shouting out the winner on the blog, but the fastest way to find out who won is by following one of our other social media channels (Facebook, Twitter or even on our home page web site).

    @krazy rabbit 23 — Aw! Frustrating! Contact techsupport@herinteractive.com, include your username, real name, and email address that is used on the boards. If you are under the age of 13, you will need your parents to fill out and send us the COPPA forms, which can be found on the we site.

    Also, if you can do it on your mom’s phone (with her permission of course) that’s fine. You might need to start over since you would use a new phone, but that’s ok since you are probably really smart and remember all the answers so far. 😉

  10. Thx for the comp. and thank you soooo much for answering my questions!!!! You guys rock, and i can’t thank you enough!! Will doing the txt challenge late affect my chances in the grand prize drawing??? (Hopefully it won’t!

  11. I’m so so so so sorry to disturb you again but the problem is. I had already started on my mom’s phone by accident and now it won’t let me start over! Could you possibly fix it in some way that I can start over. Notify me on the blog when you’re done.

  12. Will you post my comment or what?? sorry i’m kinda impatient

  13. Ashley says:

    That journal is definitely what I need! Great price at $10, too. Amazon has it plus three games for twenty I believe, but I already have the games. I just need the journal to keep all my notes in, which right now are all over my desk (I’ve been on a Nancy Drew kick, trying to complete my collection that was once full, but something happened to all the discs… so close to completing it!)

  14. Thanks, I had a blast! I’ve already started catching up on y’alls facebook, i’m heading to your Twitter next (even though I don’t have one I still learn some cool info from it;))
    Aw, well, I entered the text challenge;)

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