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Veterans Day 2016 (And Weekend Puzzle #323)

I have two grandfathers, an uncle, and a brother-in-law who served in the armed forces. Today I am reminded of what they did for the country we live in, and am once again thankful. Do you have members who served? Let them know of your gratitude, they would certainly love to hear it! Tonight we […]

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National Candy Day 2016 (And Weekend Puzzle #322)

Do you need an extra reason to eat chocolate today? Well, here you go! Which of these would be your favorite candy in real life? Sleuths in the U.S! Don’t forget to switch your clocks back Saturday night/Sunday morning! Here’s your weekend puzzle: 84. 117. 110. 101. 32. 105. 110. 32. 116. 111. 32. 116. […]

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Yurei Animation (Weekened Puzzle #320)

Dare to play this Nancy Drew game this Halloween season! (Recommending you play in the dark.) 😉 If you don’t have Shadow at the Water’s Edge, you can get the game for 25% off using promo code TREAT16 until October 31st. By the way, the Yurei at the end was of the original concept art […]

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SAW: Day 3 Twitch Party (And Weekend Puzzle #319)

Hey all! Tonight’s another night of playing Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge! Whoo! If we do not finish tonight after an hour and 45 minutes of gameplay, we will continue on Monday. Join us here on Twitch! If you missed yesterday’s party, we’ve uploaded it to YouTube here: Also, we animated the cover […]

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Halloween Sale 2016!

Hooray! We have a Halloween sale on these select games this year, shop here! Which Nancy Drew mystery have you not solved yet? Also, we are announcing our next Twitch party! It’s next week starting Wednesday. Follow us on Twitch here to get the alerts when we go live! I’m so excited to be playing […]

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Widescreen Wallpapers & Fan Videos (And Weekend Puzzle #317)

Hey all! A big fan, Huw, interviewed me for his YouTube channel! If you have a spare hour and fifteen minutes, we chat about all kinds of things. Enjoy! (And thanks, Huw for the fun chat!) Also, I found more hi-res screenshots! This time, they are from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. There are two […]

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Walkthroughs (And Weekend Puzzle #316)

Back in the late 1990s-early 2000s, going online to find a hint or solution was not as popular as it is now. If you were even lucky to have internet in your house back then, too. Sometimes, purchasing a Strategy Guide or asking your fellow friends for help was your only way to get past […]

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Labor Day Weekend (Weekend Puzzle #315)

It’s Labor Day weekend! We will be out of the office on Monday in honor of that, so we’ll see you on Tuesday. Hope you all have a great 3-day weekend as well! We’ve released the next character art from Midnight in Salem: Meet Teegan Parris! Don’t forget! We have a sale all this weekend! […]

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A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Hey, guys! We’ve got lots of items to cover today. First, have you guys seen the latest MID character art? This week we’re featuring a familiar face: Deirdre Shannon! Check out our Facebook post about it to see more of her character description AND to find out the name of next week’s feature. Second, it’s National […]

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MID Art and Weekend Puzzle #314

Hey, guys! As you may have seen already today, we released some more Midnight in Salem character art! This week’s addition is Lauren Corey. I think she looks awesome, I love her simple style. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out the post on our Nancy Drew Games Facebook page because there’s extra […]

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