SAW: Day 3 Twitch Party (And Weekend Puzzle #319)

Hey all! Tonight’s another night of playing Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge! Whoo! If we do not finish tonight after an hour and 45 minutes of gameplay, we will continue on Monday. Join us here on Twitch!

If you missed yesterday’s party, we’ve uploaded it to YouTube here:

Also, we animated the cover art for Message in a Haunted Mansion this weekend. (You can get this game for 25% off using promo code TREAT16 at checkout until October 31st.)


Here’s your weekend puzzle! Simply identify the silhouette objects and from which game they appear.


-Little Jackalope


19 responses to “SAW: Day 3 Twitch Party (And Weekend Puzzle #319)”

  1. Natasha says:

    Hey LJ! Can you give a shoutout birthday for my girlfriend Beth, on October 12? 🙂 That would be awesome!

  2. Will says:

    Iron from Haunted Mansion
    Rose from… one of the games ;D
    Lightning Rod from Crystal Skull
    Shears from Captive Curse
    Not Sure
    A Disk from… aaaaanother one of the games!

  3. Tracy says:

    Here is what I think the answers to the weekend puzzle are:

    1) Iron – Message in Haunted Mansion.
    2) Rose – Ghost of Thornton Hall
    3) Pointy Top Of A Building / Flag – Legend of the Crystal Skull
    4) Hedge Clippers – Haunting of Castle Malloy
    5) Key Maker – Curse of Blackmoor Manor
    6) CD /DVD – Shadow At the Waters Edge

    By the way my birthday is coming on the 25th! Could I get a shout out?

  4. Czayf says:

    Go to this link to check out my video where I’m building sea of darkness in Minecraft

  5. Czayf says:

    My YouTube is Minecraftster 2001

  6. Mark says:

    Hi there,

    I am an aspiring game designer and had a few questions about getting exposure and putting myself out there, and I love ND games so I thought you could help. How do you publicize your games? What is your marketing tactic? What are you trying to accomplish in your publicity? How do you reach out to people interested in playing your game and those who haven’t heard of it?


  7. Concerned says:

    Hey, LJ! Will you be able to address the odd communication style HER has adopted the past year? It’s very different from the honest, clear communication we’re accustomed to. It’s become very secretive and cryptic. Any specific reason why?

  8. van says:

    Check out my youtube ( Minecraftster 2001 )
    to watch my videos where I build Nancy Drew games in Minecraft. I even built MID’s trailer too, but the sound quality is SUUUPER bad…

  9. Kaliaceae says:

    So, I really like what you guys are doing with C&C even though it isn’t my type of game (a bit too young for me personally — I love playing the adventure series, though! Honestly, playing one kept me sane on my plane flight the other day :-))

    I’m a female programmer who got into the industry a bit late (after a career change; I probably would have picked it from the start but I was never really exposed as a kid — hence why I like the big push all these organizations and companies are doing!).

    I was wondering — have you guys ever done any interviews with your programming team? I think it would be pretty cool to hear from the programmers (or leads on the teams), especially with so much focus on the industry right now and getting women into it.

    It would be especially awesome to hear from some of the programming team dealing with the unity transition — what kind of challenges they faced, how they overcame the challenges, and so on. How things have changed over time, how the product has evolved and stuff.


    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Kaliaceae! This a great request, but I don’t know if our programmers are allowed to interview in between game launches. I suggest requesting this via email to us at We appreciate your enthusiasm about getting women into code!

  10. Pineapple says:

    New Nancy Drew game update??? 🙁

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