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The Excitement of a Hidden Room

We shared this Nancy Drew moment today from Tomb of the Lost Queen: One of my favorite parts of playing a Nancy Drew game is the excitement of discovering a secret passage, or a locked room. It is thrilling to open up access to a place where so many secrets can be locked away and […]

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Obvious Overlooks

I’ve been re-playing Treasure in the Royal Tower recently, and even though I am very familiar with it, I still learned something new. You know when you first play a game, and you don’t read EVERYTHING like you should? Well, I had the game memorized after a few rounds in the earlier days, but had never […]

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Remembering the Dead Ends

Do you remember exploring the castle for the first time in Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower? I’ve played that game so much, I don’t even travel all the way to dead ends anymore, haha. Also, have you been keeping updated on the March Madness? We have reached the semi-finals! Today’s match-up is Bess […]

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Jigsaw Puzzles

I went hunting a bit in our archives for a couple of puzzles and came across the Gold Leaf jigsaw tile puzzle in Treasure in the Royal Tower. I do adore these types of puzzles in the games! I grew up solving puzzles on my own table, and I think it is a ton of […]

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Wandering Hallways

I was recently re-playing a classic Nancy Drew game: Treasure in the Royal Tower. It has often come up as a fan favorite, so I thought to revisit Wickford Castle. The castle is pretty huge! I remember the first time I played the game, and I remember getting lost wandering the hallways. So many hallways! […]

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Winter Solstice

Yesterday was winter solstice — the shortest day of the year and the furthest we are tilted from the sun (unless you are in the southern hemisphere — in which case it is the longest day of the year for you). Loulou the parrot mentions this in Curse of Blackmoor Manor. Speaking of CUR, this […]

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Nancy in the Cold

Nancy Drew has been to many places during the winter time. One of the great dangers that she faces in solving a case with snow around is the freezing temperatures and ice. Us detectives know this too well if we have played Treasure in the Royal Tower where there is a blizzard that traps everyone […]

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Nancy Drew in December

Did you have a great Thanksgiving weekend, everyone? The Her Interactive team sure did! We had a nice long weekend to spend time with our friends and family, and now we are back in the office to start off the month of December. Whoo-hoo! First things first: we still have a few hours left (today) […]

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Elevator Habits

Today we shared this Nancy Drew moment from Treasure in the Royal Tower: Is this you? ‘Cause it’s totally me! EVERY time I enter an elevator in real life, I always check for the escape hatch. Since playing TRT soooo many times, I’ve wanted an excuse to exit through the top hatch of an elevator. […]

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Favorite Game, On a Shirt!

Fan Rachel went into our merchandise store, designed a T-shirt… And took a picture of it when she received it. She was super excited for her shirt to arrive (featuring cover art from The Phantom of Venice)! I’ve been working on some merchandise store image planning these past few weeks. Intern Dahlia created some images […]

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