Obvious Overlooks

I’ve been re-playing Treasure in the Royal Tower recently, and even though I am very familiar with it, I still learned something new. You know when you first play a game, and you don’t read EVERYTHING like you should? Well, I had the game memorized after a few rounds in the earlier days, but had never really noticed this:


There is a sign in the basement that reflects when the ski equipment rental hours are open, which is when Jacques is available. I often thought to change the clock to late at night to get him to leave… Now I know I can wait until his lunch hour! Is there something that caught your attention the second, third or fourth time playing the game?

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a food one from Legend of the Crystal Skull. Remember Bess’s reaction when she consumes the hot sauce-coated gumbo? Hilarious! If you haven’t played this one, we have a one-day sale on the digital copy of this game today. Use promo code CRY-50 to get 50% off today only!


We also have a few birthdays to celebrate!

Birthday_Leah2 Birthday_Naomi

-Little Jackalope

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  1. Blake says:

    In Treasure in the Royal Tower, if you go to the basement to the breaker when Jacques isn’t working and you keep turning the lights off, he still still screams at you. 🙂

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