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Twitch Mysteries (Sabotage?!)

The third and last day playing Treasure in the Royal Tower on Twitch was a rather interesting one! Was my computer and desk equipment cursed or something? Just about everything went wrong. It sounds like the premise of some Nancy Drew mystery… Eesh! Anyways, the Day 3 stream is now broken up into 2 videos […]

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Day Three: Treasure in the Royal Tower (And Puzzle #303)

Tonight’s the last night of our Twitch party! We will be completing Treasure In the Royal Tower and nab the villain who ransacked a beautiful library. I will also be asking for your vote in which game you’d like me to stream next. Here’s the show time: And don’t forget, for our party, we are […]

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Day Two: Treasure in the Royal Tower

Yesterday we began playing Treasure in the Royal Tower on Twitch. Tonight, in less than an hour we shall continue! Tonight I will be showing off photos of the real-life castle that we used as reference and inspiration for Wickford Castle. Stay tuned! Follow us and join the Twitch party here. Also, JUST for the […]

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Day One: Treasure in the Royal Tower

Tonight’s the night! Join our LIVE STREAM party on here and follow us. You don’t have to have an account to watch (it’s free), but if you want the alerts to when we go live, and if you want join and participate in the live chat, you’ll need to create a free account. Be […]

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Springtime at the Office

It is a beautiful, warm spring day here at Her Interactive! Today I had to sit outside at this table to just enjoy the sun. Along the path I came across a bunny. Also, the Canadian Geese have been hanging around. They are viscous birds, and so noisy! There is also a collection of daffodils […]

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Oscar Nominations: Nancy Drew Style

If you follow the news here in America, one of the big stories today is the announced Oscar nominations. These are for movies, of course, but it got me thinking “What if the Nancy Drew games had their own awards?” So I’ve made this list (with the Oscar equivalent in parenthesis) to fill out. Supporting […]

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Hotchkiss Quotes

It is another quiet day in the office today, but sadly it is because several team members are sick. It is the season I suppose, since it is getting colder outside and fall will be turning into winter. To make it feel more like winter, I have recently been exploring Treasure in the Royal Tower […]

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Access Denied

Even though some areas in a Nancy Drew game are not relevant to explore for the sake of the mystery, I still want to walk around the areas and explore. Nancy Drew games give me a reason to explore, and I love discovering new environments and areas to do so. Some of the areas I […]

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Re-Exploring Nancy’s World

I’m a Nancy nerd. I like to replay the games over and over again. Every time I study the environments, looking at the irrelevant objects and wonder what the rest of the world looks like. You know how, you as Nancy Drew, can only see so much in your view? What about those spaces that […]

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One Day Left!

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your entries for the t-shirt contest! Hurry and finish your designs and post them to our social media pages with the hashtag #NancyDrewFashion to be entered. (We’ve seen a lot of fantastic designs come in!) Here are some more samples, perhaps these might inspire you. We also have […]

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