Twitch Mysteries (Sabotage?!)

The third and last day playing Treasure in the Royal Tower on Twitch was a rather interesting one! Was my computer and desk equipment cursed or something? Just about everything went wrong. It sounds like the premise of some Nancy Drew mystery… Eesh! Anyways, the Day 3 stream is now broken up into 2 videos on YouTube here, if you missed the party and want to check it out.

On a side note, we acknowledged National Pet Day! Ok, who here has a great pet? (I have a small yellow lovebird named Sunshine.)


Here’s the solution to the weekend puzzle:


Once Nancy rotated the dials to align the shapes with the colors. The panel door unlocked and Nancy opened it to discover the extravagant the crown that once held the jewels and the diamond. The crown was sent to the museum with the other treasures later.

-Little Jackalope

7 responses to “Twitch Mysteries (Sabotage?!)”

  1. Erin says:

    I have a cat named Cheetah! He is my furry little bundle of joy! 🙂

  2. terez says:

    any news about midnight in salenm?

  3. Lucas says:

    It was so much fun watching LJ play TRT! I know for sure I will be going to the next Twitch party!

  4. Huw Miller says:

    I have a small cairn terrier. Pretty much Toto from The Wizard of Oz.

  5. DrNancyJackson says:

    I have an adorable birman cat called Milo.

  6. EJ says:

    I have a Netherlands Dwarf rabbit named Marshmallow.

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