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It is another quiet day in the office today, but sadly it is because several team members are sick. It is the season I suppose, since it is getting colder outside and fall will be turning into winter.

To make it feel more like winter, I have recently been exploring Treasure in the Royal Tower again. I was amused when Professor Hotchkiss said “my theory is rising like a magnificent souffle” and then Nancy answers “You’re cooking a souffle in there?”


This made me laugh. I’ve never tried a souffle, but I know it is a delicate treat. I have, however, tried couscous — which is a rice-like grain. I think I shall add that on my Nancy Drew To Do list: taste a souffle. Have you ever tried one?

As for the weekend puzzle, use the keyword to decipher the text and get [Semper ubi sub ubi] which is quoted in  Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

-Little Jackalope

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  1. alex says:

    waiiit, on the boards we were trying to figure out the weekend puzzle, and we all tried keyword ciphers with that keyword but we just got a gibberish answer — was it a keyword cipher? can you explain how to get that answer? it’s gonna bug me, haha

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