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Terrible Tea Puzzle

Throwback Thursday sale! You can get Danger by Design for 50% off until the end of today using promo code DAN50 at checkout! Do you remember trying to figure out what tea ingredients combination you had to figure out for Minette, based on her mood? I’m glad I’m not that picky! All I do is […]

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The Hideous Note in CUR

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a lesser-known moment from Curse of Blackmoor Manor. (If you don’t have this game, you can get the digital download today for 50% off using promo code CUR50 at checkout!) This game moment may or may not show up for you when you play it, since it is not critical. This […]

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Springtime Birds

Today’s Throwback Thursday features Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Who remembers wearing camouflage and stealthily snapping photos of birds on Red’s camera? In case you don’t have this game, you can get it for 50% off today using promo code DOG50 at checkout. Doing the math, this brings the digital download to about […]

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Twitch Party! Day Two: The Final Scene

We’ve completed Day One in Nancy Drew: The Final Scene in our live Twitch party last night! We’ve also uploaded the first video to YouTube. Here it is: If you are able to join us tonight for day 2, join us here on Twitch tonight at 5pm PT.   News update! A new character has […]

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Throwback to Cemeteries

The Nancy Drew Moment Contest is nearly over! Tomorrow is the last day you can enter (by 11:59pm PT) for a chance to win a trip to Salem! Head over to the contest page here for more details. Also, we are having a Throwback Thursday sale on Legend of the Crystal Skull. (Use promo code […]

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Throwback, News, and a Medley

There’s a lot of Nancy Drew things to share today! First is the Throwback Thursday. (You can get The Haunting of Castle Malloy digital download for 50% off using promo code HAU50 at checkout, today only.) Next, our work-in-progress game app Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues was featured in a Digital Kids Con. in New […]

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Throwback Pies

Today’s Throwback Thursday sale is on Secret of the Old Clock! Remember sorting pies in the pie truck for the deliveries? I couldn’t decide which pie I wanted to eat the most: chocolate creme, blueberry, or cherry. Yum. Perhaps making a pie for Valentine’s Day is a better option than the Shadow Ranch cake I […]

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Twitch Party! Day Two

Last night we finished day one at Shadow Ranch and spotted the phantom horse. Tonight we set out to accomplish day two. We go live in less than an hour! Head over to watch (and participate!) on our Twitch Channel here. Also, today’s throwback Thursday is from Warnings at Waverly Academy. (You can get this […]

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The Amazing Monty

Do you remember this Throwback Thursday moment from The Final Scene? I was always convinced I knew EXACTLY which card was the ace of spades… but Monty is tricky. You can get the digital download for this game today for 50% off using promo code FIN-50. (In case you haven’t played this… this means that […]

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Oscar Nominations: Nancy Drew Style

If you follow the news here in America, one of the big stories today is the announced Oscar nominations. These are for movies, of course, but it got me thinking “What if the Nancy Drew games had their own awards?” So I’ve made this list (with the Oscar equivalent in parenthesis) to fill out. Supporting […]

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