The Hideous Note in CUR

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a lesser-known moment from Curse of Blackmoor Manor. (If you don’t have this game, you can get the digital download today for 50% off using promo code CUR50 at checkout!)


This game moment may or may not show up for you when you play it, since it is not critical. This means there is a chance you have never seen it before, and yet still have played the game. To prove it exists, here’s arglefumph’s playthrough at this point (it starts at the 2:07 mark):

Happy Thursday!

-Little Jackalope

2 responses to “The Hideous Note in CUR”

  1. Sarah says:

    I remember that note! 😀

  2. Brandon says:

    What do you have to do to trigger that letter? Wow, I’ve played CUR three times and never seen that. *Proceeds to start another Nancy Drew marathon to catch all of the things I’ve missed* 😉

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