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It’s Dangerous Outside!

There are several Nancy Drew games where going outside could mean danger. In The Captive Curse, that is where the monster could reach you. In Treasure in the Royal Tower and The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, the freezing weather would be too unsafe to venture into. In Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, the dogs […]

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Spying… on Me?

Today’s Throwback Thursday moment is creepy. Have you ever wondered if the culprit was ever spying on you? You know, that eerie feeling that someone is watching you? Like when you discover this peephole in Message in a Haunted Mansion and wonder who used it last? o.O There have been a few instances where someone […]

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Ignoring Signs

Today we take a moment to remember way when we played a now-old Nancy Drew game. Today’s feature game: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Did you ever pay attention to the signs that said “Do not touch” or “Keep out” or “DANGER”? I know I sure did not… haha. That’s totally a Nancy thing: to […]

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Summer S’more Fan Photos

Hey all! I was out sick yesterday, but am much better and ready to rock today. I wanted to share some awesome fan photos we have received lately: Here are Hadley’s doodles (which include a sketch of me!): And this picture is from Larry B. who thought this car looks like one that Nancy would […]

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