Turkeys and Turkey People

Today we have words of wisdom from Joseph Hughes. Quoted from Nancy Drew: The Final Scene:

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Wisdom Quote

And then we crazy animated gifs of terribly mean turkeys, shared by @RiarkleEndGame via Gifrific.com as an example:

I shouldn’t laugh.

-Little Jackalope

15 responses to “Turkeys and Turkey People”

  1. Happypuppyharley says:

    I’m trying not to laugh. But, I do feel sorry for that kid. Just remember little kid, “Don’t let the turkeys get ya down!” (:

  2. Will says:

    Poor little guy got K.O’d

  3. Detective says:

    Is MID the top priority at HeR right now?

  4. Milly says:

    Is customerservice@herinteractive.com no longer an available email? I got no confirmation email, and no responses to the three emails I sent.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Milly! Yes, it is still an active email. Yesterday we had an internet outage, so the response time has been delayed on the emails coming in. Stand by, you’ll get a response soon enough. I’ll have them check their spam folder for your email. Is it the same email as you signed with for this comment?

      • khloe says:

        I’ve also emailed to that and the feedback email without a response, multiple times. Why is that?

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hi Khloe, techsupport and feedback don’t respond on Saturdays and Sundays because the company is closed on the weekends. Keep an eye out for a response soon!

          • khloe says:

            I’m actually talking about emails I’ve sent within the past year. Multiple emails. At different times. All with no response. Why is that?

          • Little Jackalope says:

            Hello khloe, I’m really not sure. It’s possible they aren’t getting through, which email are you trying, again? I’ll have them check their spam as well.

          • Milly says:

            I have the exact same problem that Khloe does. The weird thing is, most of the emails I sent were about MID, and I got no responses. Then, out of curiosity, I sent one about Codes and Clues. Guess what? I got a response! so are they just ignoring emails about MID now and catering only to Codes and Clues?

          • Little Jackalope says:

            Hi Milly! We are not ignoring anyone. Were you emailing customerservive, feedback, or techsupport?

          • Milly says:

            It’s the customer service one (which is why I asked if it was still an active email.)It’s very baffling to me, I never get responses for the MID related emails I send. then when I asked about Codes and clues, they respond so quickly! What could be the cause of that? Anyways, thanks for trying to help me with my problem, but if no one knows what’s going on then just maybe let them know about the problem so they can keep an eye out for this kind of stuff.

          • Little Jackalope says:

            I was wondering if it was the Digital River customer service email, which is different than ours. Try feedback@herinteractive.com.

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