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Free Digital Guides!

Because we appreciate our fans, starting today we are giving every one a free digital strategy guide for the digital game they purchase! WHOO-HOO!!! So if you purchase, say for example, Shadow at the Water’s Edge digital download, you will automatically receive the digital strategy guide to go with…which can come in handy when trying […]

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Thanksgiving and Posters!

Today at the Her Interactive office, we had a company potluck for Thanksgiving. Everyone brought some wonderful food (I made sure to try every single dish) and it was all amazing! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and has lots of fun going shopping in those crazy stores super early in the morning. (~.^) […]

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Candy Bears, Ryan and Mason

I had to eat some fruity gummy treats today because my mind was on The Deadly Device…particularly last week’s puzzle answer and how I get to explain it today. To solve the weekend puzzle, you will need to watch the official trailer here. Pause at each of the times listed in the puzzle, and count […]

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DED Hidden Images

Ok, so I went back and checked, and there really is only 2 items instead of 3 from the merchandise store hiding in The Deadly Device. I checked the files and it looks like one item was moved, likely because it was in the way of an overlay image. (This overlay image needed to be […]

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The Deadly Device Launched!

Today is the day! The Deadly Device is now officially in stores! Hooray! (And of course, it’s on our site.) The pre-order period has ended and now the regular edition is available. The Adventure Matters Contest is no longer accepting entries, and the winner shall be announce with their location choice on November 1st, as […]

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A Weekend of Big Fun!

Ok, so perhaps that title isn’t very creative, but it hits my point on the bull’s eye! This weekend we have a lot of exciting things going on, it’s a wonder that I didn’t burst and tell you earlier. But now I can! Let me list them off like a checklist so I don’t forget […]

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Weekend Puzzle #149

I’m super excited for today! Perhaps you have already heard, but our Merchandise store has been updated with Tomb of the Lost Queen artwork! Oh wait, I mentioned that a couple of days ago… But wait! There is a newly updated image for those “krazy for Koko” fans (like me) out there: Koko Kringle images […]

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Weekend Puzzle #143 = CONTEST!

Just as a head’s up, we are having an April Fool’s Weekend sale on The Captive Curse digital download. Lukas is a known prankster at Castle Finster, do you think you can avoid falling for his tricks? Mwahaha! If you haven’t played The Captive Curse, you can purchase the digital download for 25% off now […]

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Candy Phone Anyone?

What I really mean is, that if you have an iPhone 4/4s you can purchase a case for it in our merchandise store here. I wanted to point out some images that I found rather fun. Check out the candy from Trail of the Twister! Here’s Cowabubble: There are a couple other images to choose […]

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The Magic Mug!

Hey everyone! For a little fun today, I wanted to show you my favorite item from the Merchandise Store. Check out the Magic Mug in my demo video here: What do you think? I’m thinking of ordering a few for my personal collection, because it was so much fun to play with. (I must have […]

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