Free Digital Guides!

Because we appreciate our fans, starting today we are giving every one a free digital strategy guide for the digital game they purchase! WHOO-HOO!!! So if you purchase, say for example, Shadow at the Water’s Edge digital download, you will automatically receive the digital strategy guide to go with…which can come in handy when trying to solve the giant Sudoku puzzle. (>.<) Enjoy!

As for the weekend puzzle riddle, it looks like, after a few hours of hard thinking, you solved it! Congratulations!

Here’s the reveal:

You’ve seen me several times as you pass by
(You really can pass by several times, if you choose that path).
But never acknowledged me. I wonder why… (Well…you can’t talk to it of course…)
I’m surrounded by fellow friends (Framed pictures of other people).
Half-way between us our link ends. 
(The stairs split in half at the top and bottom, separating the collection of pictures).
To your right, I’m not much to see,
(When going downstairs, you can’t see much of this painting on your right side).
To your left I gaze intently.
(When climbing upstairs, you can see this painting on your left).
It’s quiet on this side, except when you are near 
(On this side of the stairs, there is no creaky steps, and the whispering happens only when you climb this side.)
Half-way up, it’s my voice you will hear (Enough said. XD)
Only once, maybe twice… 
(You really only hear it once….but it makes you wonder if he will whisper again each time you come close).
I only mean to surprise (It’s a scare in this game)

Tick-tock, creaking floor
(The sounds of this room: the grandfather clock, and the creaky steps on the staircase).
Remember my path, you’ll pass once more.
(You will have to climb the stairs on this side at least one more time before you finish the game).

What am I? 
(The blinking portrait on the wall of the left staircase in Message in a Haunted Mansion).

~Little Jackalope~


9 responses to “Free Digital Guides!”

  1. Oh, my gosh! The blinking portrait!! :O

    Was that supposed to be a portrait of Abigail Adams, by any chance? It especially creeps me out when you also hear, “I seeee yoooooouuuu!” as it blinks.

    Is there supposed to be a logical explanation for that, such as it being rigged by the same person who played the other sound effects?

  2. Hannah says:

    LOL yeah, seeing the strategy guides’ spoiler for the puzzle in the hidden baths would definitly be great! XD Sadly, I never download the games. 🙁 I like to have the discs in my hands. Too many bad previous experiences with computers crashing and loosing everything.

    Oh and that was such a clever riddle! What fun it was trying to solve it! I want to ask you though, did you think of it yourself Little Jackalope?

  3. Anonymous says:

    So cool! i remember the portrait and creeking stairs. MHM was the first game I ver played. My family were on the right path with the portrait and the stairs,but me,being the only one who played the game,am the only one to fully appreciate the answer to the riddle. Thanks! it was fun. I hope you feel better.

    From me,

  4. Hannah says:

    Hey Little Jackalope,
    I was just wondering, why is it Her Interactive removed the websites listed in the second post here?

    All except for the Hotchkiss one that is. 🙂

  5. @Hannah — We removed those sites o that everyone will be going to a single location for their game information, the actual product pages on our site. It can be confusing for newcomers to know where to go for information.

    (And yes, I made up that riddle.) 😉

    @ComicalCrafty — No logical explanation is offered, really. But we do lead you to believe it was the same person who rigged the rest of the “show”.

    @Silvertongue — Thanks, I am feeling much better! 🙂

  6. Kaitie says:

    You actually can hear the ‘I see you’ twice! Most of the hauntings reset towards the end of the game. 😉

  7. sharon martin says:

    how do I download the strategy guide?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Sharon! The strategy guides come free with each game purchase. See your email receipt for the download link to your pdf of the Strategy Guide.

  8. sharon martin says:


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