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Sneaking Around

One of the best Nancy Drew skills you can work on is your sneaking skill. Sneaking around in places when you technically shouldn’t be is something a good detective must be able to do, without getting caught! In the Nancy Drew games you, as Nancy Drew, must sneak through hallways or explore rooms before a […]

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Love from Sonny

Here comes the smolder… Yeah, I thought that face he made was pretty cute. Anyways, the physical BONUS EDITION pre-orders are running even lower still. So be sure to order your copy before they run out! (We already received ours here in the office.) Here in the Her Interactive office, the strategy guide was completed, […]

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A Bad Sleuthing Day?

How many cases would you suspect that Nancy has worked on caused her to have a rough day? Sure, some days she would follow a bad lead, get trapped, knocked out, lost, or even failed at gathering an important clue….but do these things ruin her day? To any normal person, I believe they would say […]

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A Day for Secrets

Of course, I can’t really share them with you. Today was a great day. Besides working on…well…work, I went and did some snooping and picture-taking. It’s way too early to be talking about the next game, so it’s hard to contain my excitement over what I found in my snooping. Our designer had me try […]

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