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This Week’s Office Episode: Secrets and Fans

Last week had some exciting things going on in the office, and this week is filled with more! The Art team has been working up on finishing a milestone for our next game, Production and Development has been testing a few puzzles (and today we had a meeting about the results of these), tomorrow we […]

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Behind these Walls

I love to explore new places. Sharing Nancy’s curiosity to search new environments and discover new locations led me to write about traveling and exploring…again. Especially with the Sonny Joon contest in mind, this summer is a great time to set out on a sunny day to see the nearby sites, or simply drive through […]

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Random Fan Love and Office Activities

To get you up to speed on what we have been up to now that Ghost of Thornton Hall has released. The artists are working on their first round of environments for the next game, ND#29 (you can watch the preview video on our YouTube Channel now). The production team is working on creating the […]

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Weekend Puzzle #190

The first day of spring wasn’t too long ago, and the birds were singing, the trees and flowers were coming to life, and the snow was falling….wait. Yep. Snow, check. It snowed today. Awkward Washington weather I suppose. Later it became really sunny and pretty so we went out to play hackysack. …18 days… And […]

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GTH is Golden!

Today is an important day in our office! Today Ghost of Thornton Hall has gone gold! This means our final game build is complete, no more changes are going to be made, and it is now off to be burned onto discs, printing the boxes and then packaged. There is a lot that goes into […]

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We’ve Gone Red! (And Weekend Puzz #187)

Lookie!! Per yesterday’s hint, on our social media sites we’ve gone GTH red! Because of this game (and where the colors are used) I find this to be a very strong, beautiful combination. The red and lace are meant to represent the beauty of something in the game, the black representing the destruction and charred […]

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GTH Poem

This poem is kind of significant in Ghost of Thornton Hall: Tip for you when reciting this: stay alert and listen well. Also, there is a Twitter quote contest going on from now until tonight. Head on over to participate!~Little Jackalope~

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Following Clues

When solving a mystery, it is very important for the detective to keep an open mind, and to consider all logical (and crazy) possibilities. Any bit of information could be important; dates, times, speed, footprints, trash, notes, messages, a smudge on the mirror, a Koko Kringle bar wrapper in the drawer…. just about anything could […]

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A Great GTH Day

…Now that sounds like a funny title for a blog post! But really, it was a rather enjoyable day today, at least from my part. I finished playing through the game my full second time, the first pass on Master Sleuth (and I must say, I had to get help on one crazy puzzle), and […]

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Collecting info on GTH

So I’m trying to write this post really fast so that I can get back to playing through Ghost of Thornton Hall…again… This time, I’m not preparing for ratings materials, rather I am collecting information. Here’s the list I’m starting…as you can see, I haven’t written anything yet. 😛 Today our CEO brought in doughnuts […]

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