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Weekend Puzzle #189

For those of you who don’t have this game, The Haunting of Castle Malloy is on sale this weekend! And if you haven’t followed us on our other sites; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and most importantly YouTube (I’ll give you one guess why I’m nudging you here…) sign up! The Amateur Sleuth blog posts only […]

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GTH Lingering in the Shadows…

We have an important announcement! Tomorrow we will present the official cover art for Ghost of Thornton Hall!! Come back to the blog, check our web site, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest, and stay tuned to see the art that we have been working hard to finish and have been anxious to […]

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We’ve Gone Red! (And Weekend Puzz #187)

Lookie!! Per yesterday’s hint, on our social media sites we’ve gone GTH red! Because of this game (and where the colors are used) I find this to be a very strong, beautiful combination. The red and lace are meant to represent the beauty of something in the game, the black representing the destruction and charred […]

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The Deadly Device Launched!

Today is the day! The Deadly Device is now officially in stores! Hooray! (And of course, it’s on our site.) The pre-order period has ended and now the regular edition is available. The Adventure Matters Contest is no longer accepting entries, and the winner shall be announce with their location choice on November 1st, as […]

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Preparing Images for DED

I snapped a screenshot of what my computer looks like right now. I have just begun preparing images from The Deadly Device for our merchandise store. The process is a lot of fun! First I play through the game, looking for great images. I then create my list of high-resolution shots and send my list […]

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Pictures and Pinterest

Lately, I’ve been rummaging around through different images and videos to help put together our trailer. While I’m looking through these, I put together a list of the screenshots, and things that would go up on our website, our merchandise store, and also on Pinterest. For those of us who are artsy and crafty, Pinterest […]

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Creative Project: Phone (keychain) Charms

Birthday shout out! Check this out! This is a rather old picture, but I thought it would be fun to re-post since it hasn’t been viewed lately. These are made out of that kid’s baking clay, you know, the kind that is like putty, and once you bake it, it maintains it shape? And then […]

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Nancy Drew Moment #002: Task List Comments

Since the first post today, I have not made very much progress on my Egg mystery. I did some further questioning though of our leads, though. Megan, our CEO, and our Marketing Director all answer that they each purchase brown eggs only. Although that isn’t hard evidence, it does make them seem less suspicious. Our […]

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Pictures and Moments

This isn’t new news, but I get a real kick out of this! Today a Tomb of the Lost Queen cover art pillowcase arrived at our office! This is a prize for one of our Facebook Caption Contest winners. It’s sooo cool to hold this in my hands! It feels almost like silk, but it’s […]

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Weekend Puzzle #149

I’m super excited for today! Perhaps you have already heard, but our Merchandise store has been updated with Tomb of the Lost Queen artwork! Oh wait, I mentioned that a couple of days ago… But wait! There is a newly updated image for those “krazy for Koko” fans (like me) out there: Koko Kringle images […]

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