Those Crazy Chores

What is the most silliest, bizarre, random, odd chore or task you’ve had to complete as Nancy? Was it playing games with monkeys to get what you needed? Vacuuming up prairie dogs? Collecting mushrooms from a graveyard? Doing someone’s DNA homework? Winning the highest score on the nearby arcade game? Or perhaps something like this one from Danger by Design?


Also, we shared this Nancy Drew meme over the weekend from Curse of Blackmoor Manor and Shadow at the Water’s Edge, in case you missed it:


As for the weekend puzzle, it looks like this drop quote puzzle was successfully solved! This is a quote from Nigel in Curse of Blackmoor Manor. (I’ve had our latest game in mind of late.)


We have a birthday to celebrate!


-Little Jackalope



6 responses to “Those Crazy Chores”

  1. Alex says:

    Vacuuming prairie dogs or putting a jet pack together 😛

  2. Paul says:

    Thank you sooo much LJ. Can’t wait for MID!!!

  3. Katie says:

    “What is the most silliest, bizarre, random, odd chore or task you’ve had to complete as Nancy?”

    That would be dancing on stage in a cat suit. :-O

  4. The Red Wolf says:

    I’ve played the first 26 games of Nancy Drew and I always found the chores interesting like organizing and fixing things, but when Minette tells Nancy to collect those bugs, I actually said out-loud, “You’re not SERIOUS!?”

  5. Audrey says:

    same!!!Red Wolf

  6. Caitey g says:

    The prairie dog vacuuming is the weirdest I can think of, but taking Professor Hotchkiss’s dinner order was also very interesting… Also doing what you have to do to meet Harper for the first time.

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