Spying or “Detectiving”

Welcome back, sleuths! Christmas is next week!! Have you ordered any games for your friends? I remember years ago when I gave Nancy Drew games as gifts. I do believe Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was the one I gave the most because I thought it was soooo cool. (Well… I still think it’s sooo cool. Someday I hope to have a basement so that I can design it to look like the speakeasy.) XD

Anyways, we shared this animated Nancy Drew moment today. I was…er…bird watching. That’s my excuse. Or studying the architecture. Yes. That’s right. (This moment is from The Phantom of Venice.)


-Little Jackalope

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  1. Bobby says:

    Hey LJ, Would you mind giving a birthday shoutout to my sister Janel Friday December 18th? She’ll be 22 and her favorite game is SAW. Thanks!

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