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Ghost of Thornton Hall for the iPad!

Hooray! Today is a historic day for Her Interactive! We have launched a full-length mystery onto the iPad! Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall used to be available exclusively for PC and Mac computers, but is now available in the iPad App store here. The Android and Kindle Fire versions will release later. I’m excited! […]

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Ghosts Around the Corner (Weekend Puzzle #229)

This week we are gearing up for the release of Ghost of Thornton Hall for the iPad (and later Android tablets and the Kindle). It launches on Tuesday in the App store! Whoo-hoo! One giant leap for Her Interactive! I’m excited! Finally, a great Nancy Drew game will be available to take along in my […]

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“It’s UNlocked!”

Today we offered this download from Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall for the iPad: I love it. For those of you with tablet device that have a lock screen, you may understand how creative it is. I set my “lock” screen to the “It’s Locked!” picture of the crypt in the game, and then […]

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Fan letter + GTH News

To show her thanks for winning the cookie contest last year, Rozanna sent us some fan mail. Only this fan mail is really creative: she used magazine clippings and Her Interactive-themed pictures to decorate with! Check it out: Also, we just shared the date for when we are releasing Ghost of Thornton Hall for the […]

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The Middle of MED

We have been working on The Shattered Medallion for a while now. The artists have a big deadline this Friday, an animator is animating the Artist and the Production team has already assembled some puzzles. We are testing these puzzles now. In fact, as I type, this very moment some people are testing a second […]

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The Thrill of a Scary Game

We posted this Nancy Drew moment today from Ghost of Thornton Hall: Often do we get scared when something spooky happens or something creepy appears in a game, but then there is that thrill feeling that we experience in wanting to be scared, and wanting to see something so fascinating! I can’t speak for everyone, […]

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Merry Christmas 2013!

We have a lot to share with you today! First off, we will be out of the office these days: The winners of the cookie contest have been announced! Visit the Dare to Play blog here to see who won! (Thanks everyone for participating!) Today is the first day of snow for us here in […]

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Finding Hidden Compartments

Some of you have already noticed, but we posted a new video to our YouTube channel on Saturday! It’s the start of a new series where we share with you real-life tips and examples on how to be like Nancy Drew, or to put “Drew” as a verb, “How to Nancy Drew”. We already have […]

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Charlotte on Monday

Yesterday was daylight savings, and we switched our clocks backwards an hour. I always get confused which way the light switches… does the sun stay up longer or go down sooner? Turns out the sun sets earlier in the winter. It’s been really dark outside for a few hours already, it sort of feels like […]

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Weekend Puzzle #216 + Charlotte

Hey all! It’s Friday! I’ve got some fun things to share with you… First, I just wanted to share this picture taken by Twitter Fan, Kim. She has the magic mug featuring the Her Interactive logo on it from the Merchandise Store. I think it’s awesome! But then again, I AM partial to all Nancy […]

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