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Secret Behind the Clock’s Secret

Sounds like a few of you (especially many of those on the Message Boards) have been pondering the secret behind the cracked clock face on the cover of Secret of the Old Clock. If you have never noticed until now: the Roman Numerals skip the number 9 and add on the number 13. Very peculiar […]

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Happy Halloween 2012! (Beware! ND#28 Spoiler!)

We still have the scary games on sale for 50% off! Use promo code SPOOKY12 on these abbreviated titles: MHM, DOG, CUR, CRY, SAW. We also have a Twitter Trivia Contest going on, head over to answer the question for a chance to win a Curse of Blackmoor Manor strategy guide download! Aaaaahhhh! So excited!!! […]

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