The Thrill of a Scary Game

We posted this Nancy Drew moment today from Ghost of Thornton Hall:

Often do we get scared when something spooky happens or something creepy appears in a game, but then there is that thrill feeling that we experience in wanting to be scared, and wanting to see something so fascinating! I can’t speak for everyone, but some people (myself included) enjoy seeing “ghosts” and crazy things happen before our eyes.

Lately, it’s been a little quiet here at Her Interactive. The artists, however have a big date coming up soon where they need to finish a lot of pieces for the next game. I just might sneak into the files to see what they are up to. I believe I saw a picture of some sea life on one artist’s computer as I was walking by…

~Little Jackalope~

7 responses to “The Thrill of a Scary Game”

  1. Red Panda says:

    A little too quiet! Something has gone wrong at HeR Interactive! I need to find out! 😉

  2. Oh would I give if Nancy had to go back to the oceans for her next adventure. Only 2 in the entire series takes place at the waters. What if Nancy had a case on a cruise ship? That would be wonderful and then it will exceed off to something bigger than what Ship of Shadows could have been! You know, I read a book when I was younger, it was called Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Super Mystery “Double Crossing” and I just LOVED that book. I would CRY to joy if you guys did a game based on that book with the Hardy Boys. That would be a come back of those boys I would love to see. Do you think you can pass along that thought to the designers and script writers LJ? 🙂 If it’s not too much trouble

  3. Ceridwen says:

    Today, the 8th, is my 21st birthday, just the age Charlotte was when she died. I was actually planning to have a masquerade party, until I played GTH! No fire for me! haha ^.^

  4. Anonymous says:

    the message boards are all messed up, the buttons are wierd and stuff

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Little j,
    I was just wondering how you made a poll on your blog I am trying to do it on mine but I can’t find out anything about it. If you could help me that would be great!

    P.S I miss your polls!

    Little Poet

  6. Isis4ever says:

    I love seeing the ghosts – especiall Charlotte. She was so beautiful!

    Sea life? Sounds exciting! Can’t wait for MED


  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi LJ! You congratulated me last year on my BDay ND style and I really appreciated it. Could you please do a shout-out for my BDay again? It’s on January 9, I’m turning 19 and my name is Andreea.

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