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Nancy Drew Lamp

In one corner of my office is a filing cabinet. How dreary! I placed the Charlotte doll there on top of it, but it was still not enough to fill the space. So this last weekend I bought a simple lamp with a simple shade for a fun project. I printed out some favorite Nancy […]

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Twitch Alert: Party at Blackmoor

Guess what? I will be hosting another live stream party on Twitch next week! Mark your calendars and prepare yourselves for a nighttime mystery set in the cursed old English manor. We’ll be playing Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor, and along the way I will be giving away real-life KoKo Kringles. How? Join us […]

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Filming with Sarah and Vanessa

The Nancy Drew actress for the upcoming TV show by CBS, Sarah Shahi, has shared a few pictures on the set with co-star Vanessa Ferlito (George Fayne). If you are on Instagram, you can follow her here.   Also, this great photo was shared by a fan on Facebook. Her sister here re-created the battery-charge […]

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99 Problems…

Happy Friday! (I was out sick yesterday, so no Thursday post.) In case you missed it, Geek Wire wrote an article about Codes & Clues with an interview with Penny here! Since I don’t have a weekend puzzle for you today, I hope you will equally enjoy this meme from Ghost of Thornton Hall…even though […]

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Happy Halloween 2015!

Hey all! Happy Halloween! I made another fun Halloween video for you. Enjoy! Also, don’t forget that the contests end today, so be sure to get your entries in. And if you are missing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Curse of Blackmoor Manor, Shadow at the Water’s Edge, or Ghost of Thornton Hall, you can […]

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Those Cool Prizes…

I’m pretty excited about our two contests happening right now. Not only for the awesome entries I’m sure we’ll receive soon, but also for the prizes! I just wanted to talk about those. 😉 For the pumpkin carving contest, we have these: The big briefcase is filled with ghost-hunting equipment. It includes the following: EMF […]

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March Madness and Charlotte

Hey all! We are doing another Nancy Drew: March Madness this year, but this time, instead of voting for the best games, you vote for the best character of all time. You can keep updated with our brackets on this page here and download the chart yourself if you’d like to fill it out for […]

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International Fans

Check this out! Our fan Martha is from Israel, and to celebrate Purim, she dressed up as Charlotte from Ghost of Thornton Hall! Here in America we have a day in our yearly calendar where we dress up for holidays: Halloween. Even though it is still months away, it is never too early to start […]

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Fan Phone Screens

I’ve been noticing a bunch of images on our Facebook page sent in by fans. These fans are sharing what their phone screen looks like with Nancy Drew-themed pictures. Therefore I HAD to join in on the fun. Here are my phone screenshots: If you’d like to use these images yourself, I uploaded them here […]

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The Spiders in Nancy’s Life

In Stay Tuned for Danger, the prop room had a little spider crawl away from an oil can on the shelf. In Ghost of Thornton Hall, a large spider drops down right in front of your face. In Danger by Design, a spider hangs out in the wall. But the worst spider of all was […]

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