The Middle of MED

We have been working on The Shattered Medallion for a while now. The artists have a big deadline this Friday, an animator is animating the Artist and the Production team has already assembled some puzzles. We are testing these puzzles now. In fact, as I type, this very moment some people are testing a second round of puzzles in our testing lab.

This is one of the doodles I drew last year, around the same time we were testing out Ghost of Thornton Hall. Has it really been a year since we started testing GTH? Wow, time flies!

After I finish up this post, I’m diving into the latest game build to see how the game is functioning…and perhaps try out those puzzles!

“The Artist is coming…”

By the way, we have a Twitter Quote contest happening right now! Head over for a chance to win a digital guide!

Also, we have some birthdays!


~Little Jackalope~

4 responses to “The Middle of MED”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey LJ! Could you give a birthday shout-out to my sister Madeleine? Her 18th birthday is on Friday (the 10th). Thanks!

  2. Spacebaby says:

    “The Artist is coming”?!?!
    “An animator is animating the ‘Artist’.”???

    Now who do we know from the Nancy Drew games has never been an animated character before and like to draw artistic doodles?!?



  3. GameOverTown says:

    This is my first time commenting on this blog….so….please forgvie me if I make any mistakes.

    I’m a lot more excited about The Shattered Medallion than the past few ND games, and I loved the trailer and I think this game’s going to be amazing!

  4. Red Panda says:

    Are there food games in MED? Because we all love them. 😉

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