Those Cool Prizes…

I’m pretty excited about our two contests happening right now. Not only for the awesome entries I’m sure we’ll receive soon, but also for the prizes! I just wanted to talk about those. 😉

For the pumpkin carving contest, we have these:


The big briefcase is filled with ghost-hunting equipment. It includes the following:

  • EMF meter
  • Portable motion sensor
  • EVP listener
  • Digital remote thermometer

So you can hunt ghosts just like in Ghost of Thornton Hall and Shadow at the Water’s Edge! Take this set to graveyards and haunted houses or hotels for a fun evening. 😉

Also, we are adding the game Ghost of Thornton Hall, an Ultimate Nancy Drew Fan Journal (for those important note-taking moments), and a KoKo Kringle for snacking on during your investigation. (And of course, we will feature the winner’s photo on our web site.)

As for the cosplay contest, two exclusive prizes are featured:


On the left is a graphic illustration poster by Papercutz of Nancy Drew, and on the right is concept art of the doll that is being made this month. We will certainly show you the finished Charlotte Thornton doll when we get it.

The weekend puzzle has been solved! Simply translate the Braille to get [You cannot see up there yet].

We have a birthday to celebrate!


-Little Jackalope

2 responses to “Those Cool Prizes…”

  1. Will says:

    Cool contests, and I do have to say the ghost hunting kit looks really cool! I do wish though, that even though the games are marketed primarily to girls, HeR would remember there are still male gamers like me who have played these games just as long, or longer than most girl fans, and there aren’t many guys would want a doll :/ Or maybe that’s just me. But perhaps keep in mind the idea of including prizes that are not so gender specific. (Though for a girl, that prize is a neat idea! Who knew Charlotte would inspire such creativity, from jewelry to costumes to dolls!)

    Oh and PS, the second picture is kind of cut off on the page by the side bar, and also you said “On the LEFT is a graphic illustration poster by Papercutz of Nancy Drew, and on the LEFT is concept art of the doll that is being made this month.” Just thought you should know that in case you wanted to fix it ;D

  2. Kerri says:

    Thanks so much for the b-day shout out!!!! Love the blog!

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