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Soony Joon’s Hair

I created a new coloring page for you. This one is from the cover art of The Shattered Medallion. How would you color Sonny Joon’s hair? Download the page here. Also, what coloring page recommendations/wishes do you have for future coloring pages? As for the weekend puzzle, translated it says [Happy eighty-seventh Nancy!] We have […]

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Nancy Drew’s 87th Anniversary! (And Weekend Puzzle #339)

Happy 87th Anniversary to our favorite sleuth! You can get these digital games on sale this weekend to celebrate Nancy Drew. Shop for Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock or Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes. New podcast episode! Lowell gives some great advice, too. You can watch the video below, or subscribe to the […]

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Odd Wisdom and Fan Colorings!

I suppose Anja’s words of wisdom sounds better in German… (Quoted from Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse.) Guess what? It’s National Pretzel Day. Just thought you should know. 😉 I’ve seen some great coloring pages shared! Check these out! We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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Easter & Podcast (Weekend Puzzle #337)

Happy Easter weekend! Enjoy a little casual gaming time with your family, shop the Dossiers for 50% off this weekend! Are you a fan of Bet Rawley, Hilda Swenson, or Emily Foxworthy? Check out the latest podcast on iTunes! Or watch it on our YouTube channel. 😉 We have some birthdays to celebrate! Here’s your […]

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Ancient Tricks and Traps (Wisdom)

Abdullah has a lot of respect for the ancient Egyptians, so when he hears Nancy comment on hidden passages, puzzles, and secret rooms, it doesn’t surprise him. Who else was as excited as I was when you first discovered a hidden door in the tombs? Features Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen. We have […]

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Bill Corkery & March Madness Finals (Weekend Puzzle #335)

We have a new podcast live! Thanks to Tammy Tuckey, who interviewed Bill Corkery! Listen and subscribe to Unlocked! The Nancy Drew Podcast on iTunes here, or listen to our YouTube video below: This weekend we vote in the finals for March Madness! Be sure to vote on Twitter each day! Here’s your weekend puzzle, […]

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Playing on a Tablet (Weekend Puzzle #331)

Today I got to play a little bit of Ghost of Thornton Hall on an iPad. (I was looking for a bug or two.) I hadn’t done this before, so I was intrigued with how it looks and works differently on the tablet than on a computer. Same scenario, haha, I had to brighten the […]

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Twitch, Podcast, Fans, and Weekend Puzzle #330

Tonight we finish playing Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! Come join the party LIVE on Twitch here! Missed yesterday’s (or any past days) party? You can get caught up on YouTube: Today’s the last day we have Sea of Darkness on sale! Shop here. On a side note, one of our fans shared a video […]

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Valentine Contest Winners!

The office has voted. Thanks to all who participated in the 2017 Valentine’s Day Card Contest! You can see the winners in their respective categories on the contest page here. Below are the large versions, click each picture for a closer look! On a side note, here’s today’s words of wisdom, brought to you by […]

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Contests and Chocolate for V-Day!

Who wants a KoKo Kringle? 😉 Learn more here! That’s right! We are bringing back the famous chocolate bars from the game, but only 500 will be available for grabs, so you have to be quick to order on February 1st at 5pm PT. Another way you may be able to get a KoKo Kringle […]

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