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Monday Videos

Hey all, I took a vacation day on Friday, so I apologize for not making a post for Friday ahead of time. On Thursday last week we finished playing Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon in our Twitch party, so we didn’t go live on Friday as originally planned. And if you missed it, here’s […]

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Christmas Video 2016 (And Weekend Puzzle #325)

We made a fun JibJab Christmas card video. Woot! Enjoy! (It stars Professor Hotchkiss, Sonny Joon, Bess Marvin, Joe Hardy, and Rentaro.) Today’s little treat in the Christmas Countdown box that Ned gave to Nancy: And here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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Last Day of November 2016

Yesterday we were having some behind the scenes technical difficulties with our site, so I couldn’t write a blog post. (Sorry Molly!) Anyways, we’ve been busy getting into the holiday season here. Thanksgiving is over, so now it’s time to focus on Christmas things! Yay! Here’s another tease of what I’ve been working on: I […]

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Cyber Monday

After the crazy Black Friday shopping, you get to sit at your computer (or phone) and take part in great deals online. This has become known as Cyber Monday. We are also involved, because we do not have an actual store for you to walk into and purchase Nancy Drew games. We have an online […]

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Today begins our big Thanksgiving weekend sale! It ends Monday night but only while supplies last. Don’t forget: when you purchase a Nancy Drew game from us, you’ll receive a free digital strategy guide pdf. (And you can also “gift” a game to someone, too!) You can shop here. (Codes and Clues is also on […]

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Save the Date! (Thanksgiving 2016!)

For the great Thanksgiving sale! (Sorry, I don’t have any other news or dates to give you, or even guesstimates on the next game. But like I’ve said, when I do, I will be sure to share with you.) 😉 It’s been super busy with projects and things in getting ready for the holidays… so […]

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Veterans Day 2016 (And Weekend Puzzle #323)

I have two grandfathers, an uncle, and a brother-in-law who served in the armed forces. Today I am reminded of what they did for the country we live in, and am once again thankful. Do you have members who served? Let them know of your gratitude, they would certainly love to hear it! Tonight we […]

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Holiday Planning

We are starting the planning on Thanksgiving and Christmas events and sales, so I’ve been brainstorming a few fun things. BUT… I could use your help! The first project involves many items. Here’s the list I need help making: what are the most iconic items you remember from all the Nancy Drew games? For example: […]

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Halloween Par-tay! Haunted Mansion Style!

Today’s the big party! We will be live streaming Message in a Haunted Mansion soon on Twitch! If you are new to Twitch, it’s like YouTube, but we are live instead of pre-recorded. You also get to sign up for free and chat live with fellow Nancy Drew fans and ask us questions. Set your […]

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Video Editing: Halloween Edition

Tess and I have been working on a sort of Halloween video. It’ll be a little different in the style than the videos of the past, but will still be fun. I should have it done for your entertainment this Friday. 😉 Here’s a sneak peak at my work in progress: We have some birthdays […]

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