Bill Corkery & March Madness Finals (Weekend Puzzle #335)

We have a new podcast live! Thanks to Tammy Tuckey, who interviewed Bill Corkery! Listen and subscribe to Unlocked! The Nancy Drew Podcast on iTunes here, or listen to our YouTube video below:

This weekend we vote in the finals for March Madness! Be sure to vote on Twitter each day!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games March Madness 2017

Here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! (Simply identify the game each image is from.)

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Puzzle

We have a birthday to celebrate!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Birthday

-Little Jackalope


20 responses to “Bill Corkery & March Madness Finals (Weekend Puzzle #335)”

  1. The Red Wolf says:

    I hope Tammy interviews the voice actresses for Bess and George!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello The Red Wolf, I believe there is a high chance of that happening in the future. We are starting out with the actors and actresses from the earliest games first. 😉

  2. Milly says:

    Will there ever be a podcast on something besides an interview? Don’t get me wrong, the podcasts are great and all, but I just think it would be nice to change things up a bit and try something different.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Milly. Yes, we have a whole list of ideas to include in the podcasts besides interviews. However, we are just getting started!

      • Milly says:

        That’s great news! My suggestion is to take a small break from the interviews and use some of those other ideas. Or, alternate between an interview and something different.

  3. Corey Gottfield says:

    Is the Nancy Drew Codes and Clues show still on the Kid Genius channel? Thanks

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Corey, I will have to check with our team, since I myself do not have Comcast to check.

      • James Handel says:

        I too don’t have Comcast, and am also curious about this. Thanks for asking and for being patient.

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hello James, it looks like our term with Comcast Xfinity has concluded. The Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues digital shorts are no longer up on the Kid Genius channel. However, you can view all the digital shorts on the Codes & Clues YouTube Channel.

  4. Jason says:

    I like seeing the March Madness stuff in April! Btw, who is in charge of running the facebook page (posting content, anwering comments or questions, etc.)? Is it Tess the intern?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Jason! We have a team of three (inlcuding me) who runs the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media channels.

  5. James Handel says:

    Hi LJ,
    Do you and will you continue to work with Picture Fish Studios?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi James! I’m not familiar with Picture Fish Studios. I don’t believe we’ve worked with them before…

      • James Handel says:

        It’s just that in a recent video, artists who were previously credited as being from Cosmic Toast Studios were now credited as being from Picture Fish Studios. Who made the behind the scenes video?
        Thanks, LJ. You are so appreciated.

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hello James, Picture Fish is just another vendor we used for the development of CNC. Some of the behind-the-scenes shots were filmed and edited by a third party vendor, while others are made by us.

      • Sarah says:
        Scroll to the bottom where it says “Current Work.” Nancy Drew is the first one listed. Looks like a screeen shot from the trailer for Codes and Clues.

      • Jackson says:

        That award you are up for that you posted on your facebook page says:

        Best Tablet App
        Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues (HeR Interactive/Brandissimo!/Picture Fish Studios)

        Picture Fish developed Codes and Clues

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hi Jackson. I asked, Picture Fish is indeed another third party vendor we used for the development of CNC.

  6. Bobby says:

    Thank you LJ!

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