Twitch, Podcast, Fans, and Weekend Puzzle #330

Tonight we finish playing Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! Come join the party LIVE on Twitch here!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Twitch: Sea of Darkness

Missed yesterday’s (or any past days) party? You can get caught up on YouTube:

Today’s the last day we have Sea of Darkness on sale! Shop here.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games - Sea of Darkness

On a side note, one of our fans shared a video of herself singing and playing “The Word I Couldn’t Keep.” SO COOL! Thanks for sharing, TeamTwentyEight!

New podcast! One of our very own Nancy Drew Games fans, Kristen Boomer was interviewed! Listen here below, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

Here’s your (hard!) weekend puzzle. Enjoy! (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games puzzle

We have a birthday to celebrate!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Birthday

-Little Jackalope

14 responses to “Twitch, Podcast, Fans, and Weekend Puzzle #330”

  1. Rachel Lawrence says:

    Thank you for the Birthday wish, Little Jackalope! 🙂 I hope to be able to join y’all at the Twitch party tonight!

  2. Jackson says:

    Hi LJ!

    Is HeR a STEM only game company now? It seems the focus of everything. 🙁

    Thank you!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jackson, we are still a mystery adventure game company. 🙂

      • Jackson says:

        Thank you! I am so happy to hear that, I love these games because of the languages, history and art, that is what makes them unique! There are already tons of science games! 🙂

  3. Taylor says:

    This is kind of a weird question, but I was just wondering where you guys get the KoKo Kringle bars. (I was surprised at how good it was!)

  4. Al says:

    What’s with the total lack of updates about MID? Yet still saying every now and then that it’s being worked on? I’m starting to wonder, do you even know what’s going on with MID, LJ, or do you only have the same amount of information as the fans? :/

  5. Teresa says:

    Hi Lj I know you don’t have any updates on Midnight in Salem but I see on youtube people want to give up on waiting but can u make a video telling us not to give up on waiting and it will come sooner but not too soon

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Teresa, I can’t promise anything since I have no updates to share. When there is new news to tell everyone, I might just make a bonus video in addition to any web site updates we have.

  6. Nancy says:

    Listen, I’ve been waiting for how long to pre order MID, but I can’t do that because there is ZERO information as to when I can. Not to be rude, but I’d really like to know what’s taking so long.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Nancy, I’m sorry the news about the new game hasn’t been as fast as previous game launches, but the new game has some behind-the-scene updates. This takes longer than our typical games from the past. When I have more information to share, I will!

  7. Jana says:

    Great job, TeamTwentyEight!!

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