Contests and Chocolate for V-Day!

Who wants a KoKo Kringle? 😉 Learn more here!

That’s right! We are bringing back the famous chocolate bars from the game, but only 500 will be available for grabs, so you have to be quick to order on February 1st at 5pm PT.

Another way you may be able to get a KoKo Kringle is by winning one of the prizes for our Valentine’s Day Card Contest. But of course, you’ll have to first be amazing and enter. <3

Start thinking about your designs! And enter as many different designs as you’d like!

We have a birthday to celebrate!

-Little Jackalope


10 responses to “Contests and Chocolate for V-Day!”

  1. Lpetiti says:

    Is MID one of those games, and that day will also be a surprise reveal of the release date? 🙂

  2. Prairie says:

    Yay KoKo Kringles! I can’t wait for February 1st:) What’s your favorite chocolate LJ?

  3. Hailey aka HappyPuppyHarley says:

    Can I email my card entry? I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter. I just finished my card too. Please let me know if I can email the picture to you.

  4. notalia ropata says:

    Can i order my own from your koko kringle provider?

  5. notalia ropata says:

    What if you made a nancy drew game and offered a contest and the prize for the contest could be 500 koko kringles?

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